Write With Karen

2014-03-02 12.52.58There are times in every person’s life where we need help in transforming our deepest dreams into reality.

I would love to help you with your writing journey.

Maybe writing is your career, maybe it’s your hobby or an aspiration.  You might be a socially conscious entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent, healer, artist, social innovator or all of the above.

And you have an important message, story or wisdom to share through writing.

My decades of experience in professional writing, story development, marketing, engineering, sustainable business development, executive coaching and writing coaching give me a unique perspective on how to use the power of writing to transform your work , your life and our world.

You Want Kind and Innovative Support to Help Your Writing  Flourish . . . 

Writing Your Destiny  coaching allows you to connect to the best in yourself and develop a writing practice that sustains you.

When you look back at your life with a bigger vision, you may see that your writer’s journey has had its magical  moments that are just right for you.

I offer gentle coaching to help you:

  • Discover the most life affirming sustaining values and messages to promote your personal and business goals
  • Create Sustainability strategies and plans for your business
  • Develop innovative ways to promote your work and business
  • Refine your writing process to serve this season of your life
  • Connect to others through a yearly writing retreat in a beautiful location
  • Receive accountability for maintaining and growing your writing practice

A few spots in one-on-one writing programs are available throughout the year.

Each month, I offer three free coaching sessions for past and future clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about writing coaching with me, you can connect with me through this form or message me directly from the Facebook page for Writing Your Destiny to set up a free session to discuss your writing goals.

2 thoughts on “Write With Karen

  1. Karen Wan says:

    Barbara, thank you so much. I very much appreciate the hug! I’m feeling an urge to spread enchantment, joy and freedom this summer, and with Rumi’s help, it might be possible! 🙂

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