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Karen Wan headshot October 2014I would love to help you with your writing journey.

Maybe writing is your career, maybe it’s your hobby or a dream of yours.

You might be a socially conscious entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent, healer, artist, social innovator or all of the above.  And you have an important message, story or wisdom to share through writing.

My decades of experience in professional writing, story development, marketing, engineering, sustainable business development, executive coaching and writing coaching give me a unique perspective on how to use the power of writing to transform your work , your life and our world.

Would Kind and Innovative Support Help Your Writing to Flourish?

In 2018, I am combining my writing coaching services with my Listeners Path program.  I am interested in working with men and women who want to reverse the destructive impact that humanity is having on our planet.  I love writing and writers who want to be part of creating a restorative prosperity!

If you join the monthly Listeners Path coaching program, you will receive writing support included in that very affordable package.  $20/month could allow you to radically uplift your lift in 2018.

My gentle writing coaching helps you to:

  • Discover the most life affirming sustaining values and messages to promote your personal and business goals
  • Create restorative living strategies
  • Develop innovative ways to promote your work and business
  • Refine your writing process to serve this season of your life
  • Receive monthly accountability for maintaining and growing your writing practice

If you prefer one-on-one coaching, I also offer a few spots per month for individual writing coaching.

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