Your Writing Practice in 2016

Life was not always a trip to the beach in 2015, but we did visit several of them last summer!

If there’s one thing that was reinforced in 2015 for me, it is that life is very short, and frankly that writing is NOT everything.

Love is more important than writing. Friendship is more important than writing. World peace is more important than writing.

However, in my opinion, writing is one of the best practices for bringing enchantment into our  life and the lives of others in a lasting way.

We can share beautiful ideas that live long after we’re gone.

People who we will never meet, can read our creations for long after we’ve left this plane of existence.

Some people literally save lives with their writing.  Human and earth creatures.

So, we want to make sure that what we write has a positive impact.

Except sometimes we don’t write what we should.

In my case, I have written some things that I regret.  Scathing letters to people who annoyed me.  Articles that were perhaps too cliché or trite.  Or marketing brochures that were not all that clever. My writing skills need a lot of improvement in order to be able to write the novels I want to finish this year.

This year, I want to focus on improving my writing, mostly my creative writing.  I’m hoping some of you will come with me on this adventure during 2016.

Today’s question to ponder:

What part of your writing practice do you want to improve this year, if any?