Connecting Your Soul to Your Writing

Sometimes we get stuck about what to write.  Sometimes, we get stuck about how to live.

Sometimes our writing doesn’t reflect our soul.  Sometimes our writing reflects our soul more than our life does.

Here’s a quick writing exercise that can be an elixir for your writing and your soul, if you’re ever feeling stuck.  It’s also great for creating a template for style concerns when you’re trying to edit your work.

Writing Your Soul Exercise:

  1. Ask yourself this question – Is my soul shining through better in my writing or my life?  If they’re both great, you don’t need this exercise, you’re aligned.
  2. On an index card or piece of paper, write down the top five qualities that represent the best in you.   Don’t limit yourself to what you think are your best qualities or should be.  If you think one of your best qualities is feistiness or rebelliousness or whatever, write it down. You might want to make multiple copies of the card.
  3. Choose what to change: 
    • If you’re writing reflects these qualities better than your life, go change your life
    • If you’re life reflects these qualities better than your writing. edit your writing.
    • If neither your life nor your writing reflect your soul’s qualities, then make some changes in both areas to better reflect the true you.
  4. Keep this card available for whenever you need inspiration to write what you are here to write, and live the life only you can live.

This is a really simple way to connect your writing and soul.  It can work wonders when you’re stuck doubting about your worthiness to write.   Every one of our souls has qualities that the world needs to be expressed, and sometimes you may need to remind yourself of this.

Calling Your Readers to You

What if you are an old soul, who agreed to be a teacher in this life,  and the primary way in which you are meant to contribute to positive changing the world and leading your tribe is through your writing? I once had a transformational coach who believed that all of her many students had known in her other lives, and made an agreement to meet up with her again in this life.  Crazy as it may sound, I believed her when she said told me that I was an old soul.  She also told me that I needed to grow up to serve my purpose, so apparently being an old soul doesn’t guarantee that you’re wise!

I feel in my bones that I knew the earth when it was much younger than it is today.  Have you ever felt a deep connection to the ancient past or another place?  Have you ever thought of yourself as a teacher?  The truth is whether you create poetry, novels, blogs,  essays, non-fiction books, you are teaching with your words.  If you open up your heart wide enough you will feel like an old soul to the rest of us.

If you’re anything like me,  you may have been struggling with the idea of how to let your tribe of readers or students know that you’re here and ready to serve them with your words.  You may have tried or are trying now to learn a whole set of tools to market your work.  To me a lot of marketing can feel rather slimy, like resorting to be a snake oil salesman.  Finding a clean way to let my work be known to others matters to me and maybe to you as well.

If you believe that your writing is your life’s work and purpose, you might try another approach.  What if you could create an invisible call to your readers/students?  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the practical things you need to do to market yourself to  reach people.  It’s just that there might be another way to connect with the world than surface appearances would suggest.

This weekend I’m doing a weekend intensive.  If you’re wondering what a weekend intensive is, you’re like me a few years ago  I had never heard of intensives.  Basically, an intensive is a time focused on deep transformation of yourself and/or others.  This weekend, I’m doing a weekend intensive for myself to call in my readers. 

All weekend, I’m working on opening up my energy to new, young or old souls just waiting for my words to reach them and transform them.  Maybe you would like to try to create a personal intensive along with me either this weekend or at another time for this same purpose.    You might like to check out how to create a weekend intensive for yourself .

Since I follow most of the people who read my blog, I have a feeling you are an old soul teacher too.  Thank you for  the positive gifts your words and photos and art bring into my life.  Some of you make me laugh, some of you can make me cry or see the world through your eyes.  

It’s heart warming  to reconnect with your beautiful old soul again, and it’s a blessing to know that you’re here on the planet at this important time in our earth’s history.  Keep your faith in your important work!