Do you think humanity has golden eras?

Field of Sunflowers, Tuscany, Italy

Field of Sunflowers, Tuscany, Italy (Photo credit: Matt Hamm)

In this year of 2012, we hear a lot of talk and discussion about cycles and eras in human history.  Sometimes there is talk of a dark age or a golden era.  Do you believe humanity has such eras?

It’s my contention that in every era, there have been people who find it to be golden for them and others, maybe the vast majority of others, still struggle to survive. Sometimes the personal and collective perception aligns, and we often refer to these times as a golden age.

We are now living through a time which many people experience as devastating, frightening, dangerous and fear-filled.  For others this is a glorious time of opportunity, a great time to be alive.  Sometimes, we feel both simultaneously.

When we take away external conditions, both personal and collective, we are left with the creator of enchantment — our own perception.

What can you do today to discover the enchanted oasis within you and outside of you to recognize or create your own golden era in life?

P.S. It’s my opinion we are in the early stages of a golden era for humanity.  Let’s make it one!

Relax, Unwind and then Rewind

Enchanted Forest entrance in 1955

Sometimes it helps to look back and remember days and times past.  A retrospective view of our personal and collective past can give us precious insight.

Can you remember a time in your personal life when the world felt enchanted?  How did life feel?  Who were you with?  What made that time enchanting?  If you’ve had a tough life it might feel difficult to remember a time when life felt enchanted.  Yet, usually, even in the most harsh lives there are moments of enchantment.

Today’s message is relax, unwind and rewind your memories to a time when all was well in the world.

For a few moments, remember what it feel what it felt like to live through hours, days, months or years that filled you with joy.

Though we hear a lot about the power of now, it’s also good to remember the power of good memories, and your part in creating them for others. Not everyone shares this ideal, but I believe it is part of our purpose as parents (and grandparents) to produce enchanting moments for our children so they can have life renewing memories when life gets difficult as it always does.

This is a great time of year to thank someone who gave you moments of enchantment in your life.  Even if that person(s) is no longer alive, his or her spirit can feel your gratitude.  In the next few weeks, see if you can reach out to someone who gave you the gift of golden memories.

The Vulnerability of the Enchanted Heart

English: Ilustration of "The Emperor's Ne...

English: Ilustration of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Español: Ilustración del cuento El traje nuevo del emperador. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the great paradoxes of living a life aligned with the enchanted part of our human nature is that we must be vulnerable to create enchantment.

How many fairy tales involve the vulnerable one — whether a young child, a princess or simple thinker — who drinks the poison, takes the road no wise person would take, or dares to say the Emperor has no clothes? It is almost universally the vulnerable heroes and heroines who save the day and return enchantment to the land.

We live in a time, like all others in human history, where we can create an enchanted world as long as there are those of us who are willing to be vulnerable in service of love, truth, beauty or whatever ideal(s) calls to us.

This is a good time to contemplate what vulnerability means to you in both your life and writing.  Where has your vulnerability been the key to the enchantment moments of your life? How might your vulnerability be your strength now?

Today, dare to ask for help, express your feelings, admit that you don’t know how to proceed and release your need to be in control.

See if you can create some new small or large moment of enchantment in your world by opening up to your vulnerability.  The world is depending upon you to listen to the vulnerability of your enchanted heart.