The Chaos of Big Transformations

Chaos theory

Chaos theory (Photo credit: anroir)

In the last twenty years, we all have become an expert at making rapid transformations in our lives and business.  Sometimes, we are made to feel less than if we don’t create big transformations quickly.  In the past, I have found myself doing work where I lead major transformational projects and have been considered a change agent, so I have some idea on how to get things done.

In my experience, no matter how much you plan a big transformation, there is always a part of it that is chaotic, especially if you are trying to do something more quickly than usual.  Of course, this makes sense, because if we were following standard protocol, we would take the normal amount of time and effort to do something.

I can’t say that the move to a new location for my family and business is particularly aggressive in it scheduling.  Yet, after 14 years of living in our home,  it’s hard to not have a chaotic element to what we are doing.  Right now, I’m taking a break from packing and getting the new house set and taking the time to check in here.

Have you ever had a big transformation where everything went smoothly without chaos?

The biggest transformations in my life always had times of chaos in the middle of them, whether they were personal or professional.  With the most important transformations, everything changes for the better after the chaos.

I can already see a new enchanted oasis emerging for my family.  My mother was awe-struck this morning with how lovely our backyard garden looks.  In our best transformations, after the dust settles we end up “living” in a better new place and way of life.

You may not be literally moving to a new home, but so many of us are moving through big transformations and dealing with the ensuing chaotic moments.  This is an important time to remember to remain aware of how we are showing up.  In chaotic times we need both rest and awareness to remain calm.

Daily Contemplation:

What is the smoothest big transformation that you’ve ever had in your life?

When you were exhausted and tired from a change that you are experiencing, and you know the chaos must continue for a bit longer, how did you stay kind to yourself and others?

When Do Our Weaknesses Matter?

In the last post, I talked about how important it is to focus on our strengths to be more successful as a person and a writer.  I firmly believe this is the key to every success I’ve ever had and most of the people I’ve worked with as well.

However, there are times when we should put effort about weaknesses.   The most important reason to change your habits is so that you can build up your strengths, and if a particular habit or way of being is holding you back from focusing on your strength, it’s time to change.

A few days ago, I watched a video from Brendon Burchard featuring Dr. Daniel Amen. His talk was on the high performance brain, a subject I usually don’t worry about.   Yet, something nudged me to watch the video.  And watching it, increased my commitment to living a healthier lifestyle.

For in the video, Dr. Amen talked about the effect that being overweight had on brain size and brain age.  According to him being obese, shrinks your brain by 8% and increases your brain age by 16 years.  Essentially, being unhealthy decreases your intelligence.

This was a jolt to me, because intelligence is one of my personal strengths.  I’ve had the idea that becoming healthy needed to be my big priority this year, even above writing or being a good mother.  This recent video verified what was dawning on me, that changing this area of my life is important because it affects my ability to grow and expand my strengths.

As you consider any transformations you might like to make this year, ask yourself does this change allow me to grow my strengths?   If it doesn’t don’t worry about.  If you need to develop a new set of habits, and you know what they are, first allow your strengths to blossom, then work on that weakness.

The other technique that I’m practicing this year is to use my strengths to help me develop a healthier lifestyle.

When we put our personal strengths at the forefront of our focus, then we can make great progress.  So far, I’ve given up eating sugar, and I’m feeling much better.  Once again, I would recommend viewing Dr. Amen’s video from Brendon Burchard if getting healthier is on your radar screen this year.

Just curious. Do you have any examples of how you’ve used a personal strength to eliminate or at least tame a former weakness?