Do Others Discover Themselves Through Your Words?

The Perfume Maker, by Rodolphe Ernst
The Perfume Maker, by Rodolphe Ernst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the spirit of this week’s focus on attraction, I’d like to share a story from my work with a socially responsible business owner.

Today I was working with an amazingly talented client who is a perfumer.  We’ve been working on expanding what I call his sustaining story.   As part of that work with me, he is collecting testimonials from people who have used his hand-made custom perfumes since he began selling them in 1998.  I have been so impressed with the many letters he has received.

This is an excerpt from one of my favorites that he shared with me today:

I believe I discovered your fragrance in San Francisco. . . I have been using it ever since. 

People say it smells like me : )

I cannot smell it on me anymore, I’m so used to it but everyone I know, knows it’s me.

I was at a party a few months back and an old friend of mine who I had not seen in years, said he knew I was there because he could smell me… so he sought me out to say hello, and I was in fact there! 

I often wonder what I will do if you and your perfume ever go away. I don’t ever want to be without it.  It’s become a part of me.

Thanks so much! You are quite simply brilliant.

Perfume urn in the Caron shop in Paris, France.
Perfume urn in the Caron shop in Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He has many more letters like this from the people he says naturally appreciate what he creates.  One of his clients swears the scent attracted his future wife to him.  Another client smelled one of his perfumes on a passerby in Paris and followed the women until she told her how to get the perfume.

My impression is that his inspired fragrances help people to become and see more of themselves.

That’s the same effect that great writing has too.

It’s almost as if we wear the words of a great writer on our soul.

Aren’t there certain lines from poems, quotes and certain imaginary vistas that feel like they are ours as much as the author who wrote them?

Have you ever had the experience of someone finding themselves through the words you have written?

I have a strong intuition that your words just may be a perfume or elixir for the soul for your readers, regardless of whether you ever know it or not!

How Does Your Writing Change the World?

Your hands can be very powerful when you use them to write on behalf of a business, cause or story that matters to you

Every so often,  I write a variation on this blog. It’s a good idea to remember how your writing has not only changed your life, but other people in your world.

When I look back at all the writing I’ve done in my life these are some of the effects of my writing:

  • Helped transform developer specifications to manufacturing specifications that launched new products
  • Helped computer users learn how to use software
  • Helped online entrepreneurs sell products on their websites
  • When I was a Sustainability Director for a non-profit:
    • Created a green business program for the City of Chicago
    • Wrote brochures that sold companies on joining green business networks
    • Wrote the applications for the awards the Waste to Profit network won
    • Created a how to create by-product synergy networks guide for the EPA
  • Created presentations for a Green Leadership Network
  • Inspired clients to transform their lives for the better by losing weight, start and end relationships, change careers
  • Motivated clients and friends to write their books

Hopefully, I also inspire some of you to honor yourself and your writing.  I’m certainly not going to get a Pulitzer prize for the type of writing I’ve done in my life, but it made a difference.  There are days when I need to look at my list and remember that my writing has made a difference in the world, and that I’m capable of making a difference again.

If you start to look over the course of your life, you can identify how powerful your writing can be in making the world a better place in practical ways, and inspiring others through your stories.  Just for today, make a list of all the ways your writing has affected others in the past, present, and in the future if you like.

If you’re writing a blog, there’s a good chance that you are:

  • Teaching
  • Inspiring
  • Healing
  • Entertaining

many people and uplifting their lives in some way.

Thanks for the world-changing work that you are doing!

This is Your Time To Bloom

This is a day to remember the gift of rebirth.

This is your time to bloom.

Wherever you are and whatever your circumstance,

This is your time to bloom.

Can you feel the energy of creation bursting with life through you?

This is your time to bloom.

The sun and moon and mountains and seas are calling.

This is your time to bloom.

This bouquet of flowers opened for you,

This is your time to bloom.

Remember who you are.

This is your time to bloom.

Happy Easter!

Weekly Video Blog: Ten Ways to Use Technology to Slow Down and Accomplish More

Today’s blog is short and simple.  You may already be wise about how you use technology, but sometimes it’s old-fashioned technology that needs a bigger place in our life.

Ten Ways to Use Technology to Slow Down and Accomplish More:

  1. Switch the way you use technology, rather than allowing it to mean you work more, use a timer to limit how much you work.
  2. Listen to music 30 minutes every day to entrain your heart to a slower rate, which not only feels good, but potentially extends the length of your life.
  3. Donate to your favorite charity via the Internet.
  4. Take a train to work if possible, to add time to your day.
  5. Use the “old technology” of modern plumbing to drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  6. Call an old colleague who lives across the country to network virtually.
  7. Create video conferences or video events for more of your work.
  8. Record your favorite TV shows to avoid wasting time on commercials.
  9. Determine the most efficient use of social media for your life and business.
  10. Listen to a visualization audio before you go to bed to de-stress from your day.

Nothing earth shattering here.

Have you ever thought about improving the way you use technology to slow down and accomplish more?  Would love to hear your ideas!