Savor Your Freedom

Fireworks (Photo credit: brianteutsch)

As we approach Independence Day here in America,  I wanted to give thanks for the freedoms that I hold dear in my life.

  • The freedom to pursue my dreams whether or not they lead to fame and fortune.
  • The freedom to share my authentic voice as a woman, knowing this is not true in too many places in the world.
  • The freedom to value time more than money, and live my life unconventionally.
  • The freedom to care for my body and be a master of my own life.
  • The freedom to make mistakes and not have my whole life defined by one mistake or set of mistakes.
  • The freedom to live by my own set of beliefs.
  • The freedom to travel across this big and beautiful country with my family

This is just a short list of the freedoms that I treasure. You probably have your own list.

What freedoms  do you hold dear?

Take some time to savor them this week!