You might like to know what gives me the audacity to write about writing your destiny.

Hello there! My name is Karen Wan. For the last several years I’ve been a business strategist, sustainability advocate, writer, and budding novelist.

Karen Wan Dec 2016 headshotI enjoy a highly creative life which allows me to work from home, spend lots of time with my teenage sons and go on travel adventures with them and my 85 year old mother (see our enchanting adventure)and serve on the Sustainable Advisory board for the City of Aurora, Illinois.

Writing is an important interest and skill that I have continued to develop since I first received the English award when I was in high school.

I have always loved words, ideas, and the ways that good writing transforms us and allows us to experience other worlds we couldn’t access in any other way.

Unlike most lovers of writing, I went on to study materials science engineering in college. Can you say geek?  Yes, I admit to being one.

Writing Your Destiny picNot surprisingly, my skills in writing are different than the typical MFA, who I admire completely, but never got around to getting one, because I found I didn’t need one to do the type of writing I love to create.

Having the ability to write “well enough” (writing skill can be so subjective) has allowed me to live with great freedom for years, to set my own hours, live according to my values, and keep evolving my dreams.  I mention this because I want you to know that you don’t have to be a genius to create a beautiful life through expressing your ideas through the written word.

During the last thirty years, I have made a good living as a professional writer for the business world through technical, marketing, and grant writing, and every type of business writing you can imagine.  In my twenties, I worked at IBM  as a product engineer using my materials science engineering degree.

photo with mayor daley.jpgBefore I launched my boutique consulting firm Sustaining Stories in 2008, my last position title was Sustainability Director. I worked for a non-profit in downtown Chicago,  and was also fortunate enough to be able to develop an award-winning green business program for the City of Chicago called the Waste to Profit Network.

A Sustainability Director is not necessarily the kind of job you think a writer would have, but that’s the point with writing your destiny.  You never know where life wants to take you.  Don’t get stuck with how you think writing your destiny is supposed to show up.

While writing was an important skill for every opportunity that came my way, it wasn’t my only skill.  And writing is probably not your only skill either.

I know what it’s like to get paid well for my writing and also to do writing just for the sheer love of it.  To my great delight I also have experience in coaching some amazingly talented people with their own writing.

Creating a life where you continue to develop your writing skills throughout your life requires persistence, patience,  a sense of humor, humility, and of course, creativity.  Let’s keep doing that together!

My intention with Writing Your Destiny is to offer articles and videos that encourage, inspire and uplift your writing genius as you proceed with your life adventures.

If you follow these Writing Your Destiny ideas and practices, I am confident that you too can keep expanding your writing talents AND create the type of life you love!








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