Writing Your Destiny

Mom and kids in Paris

Mom and kids in Paris

Back in 1992, I quit a safe job working at IBM as a systems engineer and thought it would be easy to make a shift into more fulfilling work.  I found it wasn’t quite as easy as I expected. I was confused, lacked confidence in my abilities, and didn’t know how to make a big leap in my life.

It was at that time, that I learned how to write my destiny. I began an experiment, inspired by some books and articles that I was reading at the time, which centered around the question:

Can writing expand my destiny into something better?

I was both interested in writing as a career, and in improving all the other areas of my life.  In many ways, my life felt like I was stuck at the bottom of a very deep well.

The pictures accompanying this post would have been hard for me to imagine when I first began to work with writing.  I couldn’t have imagined traveling around the world and country with two sons and my mom, or living the life I currently enjoy.  One of the benefits of writing your destiny is that you begin to have a greater understanding of the forces and desires shaping your destiny.

For me, many of the best aspects of my life came about because of my writing practice.  Having adventures with my wonderful family,  enjoying peace and prosperity and the ability to live my life as an unconventional adventure began from writing your destiny practices.  I wholeheartedly believe they can help you too.

There is no precise time table for big leaps in life. Sometimes, we set goals that take years and decades to move into our life.  At other times, change can happen quickly.

My first big leaps using writing as a tool for change, took a while to create.  The more I trusted writing tools and practices, the more I was able to make substantial shifts in my life. Within months of writing something I currently call a destiny scene, I began work as a professional writer — first a technical writer then a marketing writer.  Since that time, a daily writing practice has become an important part of the way that I shape my destiny.

Having a writing practice isn’t just for writers.


Writing practices have helped me to travel the country and the world with my family, even during tough financial times!

You can find many self-help books that work with writing as a tool for growth.  It’s certainly not the only way to live into an expanded destiny, but it can help.

Back in 2011, I created a Writing Your Destiny book to share what I have learned in both my own experience and the experiences of people that I have served in both business and personal coaching.

I will be offering a one day virtual Writing Your Destiny Workshop for the first time on December 12, 2015.

In preparation for that workshop, I will be sharing the ten steps for Writing Your Destiny in the next few months in this blog.

  1. I can’t promise you that you will become rich and famous using these practices.  However, I do trust these processes can help bring the best your life has to offer to you in surprising ways.

Whether or not you would care to join the online course later this year, I am offering ideas that might help you to:

  1. Develop a vision for your future that guides you forward.
  2. Give you greater strength to live your destiny.
  3. Understand why your life’s journey may be different than the American dream that many of us were taught to follow.
  4. Express your deepest values, passions and dreams more fully every day.
  5. Assist you in organizing and writing a memoir of your life’s experiences.

There are many ways to shape your destiny, and I am hoping that you will find something useful for your life’s journey in this new series.

If you want to make some big leaps in your life, and haven’t quite found the way to move into an expanded destiny, some of these ideas, practices and tools may be just what you need.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback as I share the ideas of Writing Your Destiny with you between now and the end of the year!