The Surprising Effects of Writing Your Intentions

Alma Mater statue (Taft, 1929) in front of Alt...

Alma Mater statue (Taft, 1929) in front of Altgeld Hall on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Français : Statue de l’Alma Mater (Taft, 1929) devant le Altgeld Hall, campus de l’Université de l’Illinois à Urbana-Champaign, États-Unis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of us know this.  When we write our intentions for our life, surprising things often happen.

Last week, I wrote in this blog about the idea of 2013 being a year of integration for myself.  I happen to think much of the world is also in the throes of integrating our inner wisdom into our lives.

In my case, a few days after writing that blog post, I received an invitation to be a judge at the engineering open house at the University of Illinois in Champaign Illinois.  This request completely surprised me since it seemed to come from completely out of nowhere, and I haven’t worked as an engineer for a long time.

I noticed how my family was more excited about this opportunity than I would have expected.  I realized that I haven’t been excited about certain accomplishments of the past. I haven’t integrated my experience of being a materials science engineer in my life as much as I could.  I haven’t honored the work I did in this area. Perhaps more importantly, I haven’t explored how I might integrate engineering more fully it into what I’m doing in my life now.

How about you?  What’s been surprising you lately?

Today’s Contemplation

Have you had any experiences of writing an intention and receiving unexpected opportunities?

Are there any accomplishments from your past that you haven’t been honoring enough?

16 thoughts on “The Surprising Effects of Writing Your Intentions

  1. bluebutterfliesandme says:

    Oh and congrats on the judging thing, sounds cool. You and Leigh impress me. You and engineer and Leigh an attorney…if nothing else I know what kind of education you both went through to achieve those professions.

    • Karen Wan says:

      Well, I called the post Reading Vs Writing Vs. Living and it really wasn’t about setting intentions, though it felt like it had one or two in there for me. I’m not sure if I could describe writing your intentions in a few words, so I’ll write a post about it for you this week. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  2. Three Well Beings says:

    I have enjoyed a number of seasons in my life with different careers and educational paths. But nothing is ever wasted. I really like the idea of contemplating integration. And I’m glad you have this opportunity to revive your engineering accomplishments! 🙂

  3. yogaleigh says:

    I’ve had a crazy work history that has included secretary, lawyer (which I hated), editor, church manager, writer and yoga teacher. I’ve been realizing for some years that as eclectic as the list is and as seemingly random, all these things have been weaving a whole that gives me a lot to draw on in my writing and in my life and I think I’m moving into a future in which I need all of it. I suspect that it’s often true if people looked at the past or at what they’ve left behind more kindly and with a view, as you say, to integration.

    • Karen Wan says:

      I enjoy the way that you weave all that history into your blog. As you felt about law, I probably did about engineering. I didn’t love being an engineer either, but I do see how much getting that degree and learning what I did has helped me in so many ways. It definitely helps our writing too when we look kindly upon our past. Thanks for your comment, hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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