Rituals for Writing and Life

Appeal to the Great Spirit

Appeal to the Great Spirit (Photo credit: jcbwalsh)

Long ago, a dear friend of mine gave me a book called Wrestling with Your Angels by Janet O. Hagberg.  I’m not sure if this book ever was a best-seller when it was published back in 1995, but I liked it.

I might not have looked at this book today, if I wasn’t packing it now for the move to our new house.  So, that’s one of the benefits of moving things around a bit.

Today, I opened this book to a bookmarked page about using rituals to start our writing.  Often, I have found that rituals strengthen my writing, whether personal or business.

This Native American prayer is featured in that book,  is one of my favorite prayers that still inspires me after so many years:

O Great Spirit

whose voice I hear in the wind,

and whose breath gives life to all the earth

hear me.

Open me to your will, your grace and your gifts,

Lead me to the peace of your spirit and

the strength of your soul.

I now allow all that is mine by divine right

to be released into the world.

This also happens to be the perfect prayer of gratitude for today’s events.  After many months of waiting, we finally closed on our new house today.  It’s such a happy day for us!

This prayer reminds me to dedicate our house to something greater than shelter, and to use our hand-made smudge sticks to bless the rooms tomorrow.

Daily Contemplation:

Do you have any rituals that lead you to peace and strength with your writing and/or life?

10 thoughts on “Rituals for Writing and Life

  1. Three Well Beings says:

    I really love the Native American prayer. I would like to memorize it and keep it close. The interesting thing is that I really do believe that rituals have meaning, and that they can serve tremendous purpose in writing and life a a whole. Yet I can’t say that I’ve really take the time to consciously think about possible rituals of my own. Such a good ting to think about. Thank you. And I’m so happy for you to move forward now into your new home! Debra

    • Karen Wan says:

      Debra, thanks for stopping by and bringing up memorization. It’s something I’d like to do with this particular prayer this fall with my writing. I hope to have some pictures of our new home soon, the move is starting to come together. Karen

  2. jamieaaron03 says:

    i need some rituals. I have a few things I’ve learned about how to de-stress, that help me get though certain parts of life. I get inspired by getting out of the house, or sometimes when I can’t do that I find looking at pictures of stuff online helps. I can get lost in daydreams that way.

    • Karen Wan says:

      Hi Aaron! Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking to create some new rituals this fall, and many of them include getting out of the house more. Thanks for your comments! 🙂

  3. kizzylee says:

    yay brilliant !so glad you finally have the peace that comes with the finally knowing its your 🙂 everything else will just be easy now 🙂 have a happy and i hope easy moving in 🙂 xxx

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