Creating Sacred Space

Grove of Trees

Grove of Trees (Photo credit: coldacid)

Interior Design is a much more intimate journey than fashion.  While clothing can influence an attitude, it is an external layer, with the purpose of showing ourselves to others.  A home is our intimate space where things are not necessarily seen by others or perfect but it is where we create our art, we go inward, we build our nest and family values, refresh our souls and spirits.

Rachel Ashwell

As we continue to explore the theme of the Enchanted Oasis, I’d like to move into the topic of how we create sacred space in our lives.

If we look back a hundred, two hundred years ago, the ability to create or even visit an enchanted oasis was available to only a chosen few.  Human awareness and conscience has grown so that more and more of us want the human family across the globe to not only see an oasis in the distance, but to live in one.

In the last 100 years, we’ve also seen that the earth is an enchanted oasis among the stars.  In all of the universe, we can see that there are other possible locations for life, but there are also vast distances that do not have the life we experience here.  We now know see more clearly that we need to cherish our oasis in the cosmos.

We are moving into a time when we must work with the earth’s ecosystems and seasons and cycles.  At the same time, ideally we could elevate the livelihoods of all people.

Some say we cannot move into a time of greater prosperity with the same approach that has helped us to bring great prosperity to the western world, otherwise global ecosystems will collapse.  Some say ecosystems everywhere have already passed their capacity.

It seems to me that the wisest among us are calling for a new vision of creating sacred spaces working with nature.

16 thoughts on “Creating Sacred Space

  1. 3D Eye says:

    “The earth is an enchanted oasis among the stars” – what a wonderful phrase. Thanks for the reminder that our homes, our communities and indeed our planet need to be seen as sacred spaces.
    A friend of mine, Angela Neustatter, has recently published a book called A Home for the Heart (Home as the Key to Happiness). I think you might enjoy it. GF

  2. thehealthywarrior says:

    My enchantment is in my home. I have all of the moden conveniences needed…and perhaps more than what I deserve to have. I’m very thankful for my home, which has more recently doubles as a platform to generate my work.

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