Do you think humanity has golden eras?

Field of Sunflowers, Tuscany, Italy

Field of Sunflowers, Tuscany, Italy (Photo credit: Matt Hamm)

In this year of 2012, we hear a lot of talk and discussion about cycles and eras in human history.  Sometimes there is talk of a dark age or a golden era.  Do you believe humanity has such eras?

It’s my contention that in every era, there have been people who find it to be golden for them and others, maybe the vast majority of others, still struggle to survive. Sometimes the personal and collective perception aligns, and we often refer to these times as a golden age.

We are now living through a time which many people experience as devastating, frightening, dangerous and fear-filled.  For others this is a glorious time of opportunity, a great time to be alive.  Sometimes, we feel both simultaneously.

When we take away external conditions, both personal and collective, we are left with the creator of enchantment — our own perception.

What can you do today to discover the enchanted oasis within you and outside of you to recognize or create your own golden era in life?

P.S. It’s my opinion we are in the early stages of a golden era for humanity.  Let’s make it one!

15 thoughts on “Do you think humanity has golden eras?

  1. microrrelatososhortstories says:

    I can’t help but relate the concept of golden era to how it is used in history and there it focuses on eras (defined ‘chunks’ of time) of discovery and very important progress that benefit humanity…nowadays, progress is a constant in all areas and I can’t imagine a sudden halt in that, can’t see humanity (as a whole) stopping to enjoy its achievements…however, I do feel that we define our own golden eras as a person or as a member of a family, chunks of time in which we’ve made progress or grown that slowly give way to slower times when we can look back and congratulate ourselves with all we’ve gained while gathering up courage and energy to start off on a new stage that’ll mark the start of a new golden era of renewed self-discovery and new goals to achieve… 🙂 thanks Karen, you always get me thinking…Alexandra

    • Karen Wan says:

      Hi Alexandra, great thoughts. I especially like your idea of looking back not only on our own personal golden eras, but as a family too. Thanks so much for reading!:)

  2. jamieaaron03 says:

    I can’t really come up with a answer for that one. I guess it’s how you look at it. I feel like things have been strange in the world lately, like things I didn’t think would ever happen are happening right before my eyes, both good and bad.

  3. sarafoley says:

    Indeed, perception is everything. I don’t have an opinion on golden eras of humanity…but you are completely right about taking away our external conditions to leave us with just our perceptions. What happens when we take away our perceptions (opinions)? Then we just are, I suppose 🙂

  4. thelastsongiheard says:

    I’d like to think we’re at a turning point, but truthfully, I’m concerned for the future, especially regarding the environment. Too much fighting and bickering and not enough action… we’re just leaving it for the next generation but by that point it might be too late…

    • Karen Wan says:

      The environment concerns me too, yet somehow I remain optimistic that it’s still possible to restore ecosystems not only with conservation, but also with new technologies. With that said, I am still contemplating how I can do more personally to restore health to the earth.

      • thelastsongiheard says:

        Yeah, I definitely want to do more. It’ll be easier for me once my wife and I go our separate ways and I’m living on my own.

        Around 2000 or 2001 I felt that 2010 would be a tipping point for the environment – I still do – I think there’s still time to reverse it, but I think it’s going to be a very close call and it’s going to come at a high price. There are going to be some animals, insects, birds and plants we won’t see again.

  5. Three Well Beings says:

    Fascinating, Karen. I think I’ll have to think about this for a bit! I do see both, though. I would say that I feel like many things are aligning very well for me, but for some of my closest friends there is devastating loss. I often wonder how the divide can be so large. I love the idea of the enchanted oasis…there is a lot to think about here. 🙂 Debra

    • Karen Wan says:

      Debra, I feel there is something in the metaphor of the Enchanted Oasis that could be helpful if we embrace it more fully in our lives, but I’m afraid it can’t take away all suffering and injustice because of our freedom of choice. I’ll continue to share some other ideas in the next few weeks about it, and thanks so much for reading! Karen

  6. thehealthywarrior says:

    i am retired from my career after working for more than 30 years…that was phase one. I am now in phase two, which is devoting a lot of my time reaching out to others promoting good health and longevity. I suppose that could be the enchanted oasis within me. 🙂

    • Karen Wan says:

      That’s very exciting to be moving into a new phase of life. I suspect that your inner Enchanted Oasis is going to help a lot of people, so that you essentially become an Enchanted Oasis for others too! 🙂

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