Relax, Unwind and then Rewind

Enchanted Forest entrance in 1955

Sometimes it helps to look back and remember days and times past.  A retrospective view of our personal and collective past can give us precious insight.

Can you remember a time in your personal life when the world felt enchanted?  How did life feel?  Who were you with?  What made that time enchanting?  If you’ve had a tough life it might feel difficult to remember a time when life felt enchanted.  Yet, usually, even in the most harsh lives there are moments of enchantment.

Today’s message is relax, unwind and rewind your memories to a time when all was well in the world.

For a few moments, remember what it feel what it felt like to live through hours, days, months or years that filled you with joy.

Though we hear a lot about the power of now, it’s also good to remember the power of good memories, and your part in creating them for others. Not everyone shares this ideal, but I believe it is part of our purpose as parents (and grandparents) to produce enchanting moments for our children so they can have life renewing memories when life gets difficult as it always does.

This is a great time of year to thank someone who gave you moments of enchantment in your life.  Even if that person(s) is no longer alive, his or her spirit can feel your gratitude.  In the next few weeks, see if you can reach out to someone who gave you the gift of golden memories.

16 thoughts on “Relax, Unwind and then Rewind

  1. bluebutterfliesandme says:

    What a timely and appropriate post with Mercury Retrograde, a time to Remember. In manifesting anything, it requires the feeling intention. So feeling, recalling and or remember “feeling enchantment” will put us in enchantment. May we all be enchantment! Great post as always Karen.

  2. thelastsongiheard says:

    I absolutely agree about the parenting… and I’m very conscious that everything I do and say with James could become one of his future memories. I often wonder how much of what I blog he’ll remember when he’s older. He’s only 5 right now (nearly 6, as he’ll tell you) so it’s probably not much… but hopefully my words will spark some memories for him 🙂

    • Karen Wan says:

      I love what you’re doing with your blog, and I have no doubt that your blog is giving James wonderful future memories. What’s great about your blog is that he potentially could go back and look at your words. Not sure if this is already your plan, but it would be fairly easy for you to create a book or DVD. Also, thanks for the inspiration and future memories for people like me from your blog as well! 🙂

      • thelastsongiheard says:

        The subject of a book has been raised by several people… I was thinking about publishing the first year’s worth of posts early next year. I started the blog on December 11th, 2011 so by the end of this year I will have a year’s worth.

        In fact, I was only thinking about this a short while ago… I was thinking about asking Lauren to publish it. I encouraged her to become a publisher of books like hers and I can’t think of anyone better to handle it.

        My only concern would be one of privacy for the people named, because all the names are real. And I don’t honestly know how my halfway ex-wife would take it. She doesn’t know about the blog and I, frankly, don’t want to tell her.

        Any thoughts? You can email me if you’d prefer – thelastsongiheard “at”

  3. microrrelatososhortstories says:

    “I believe it is part of our purpose as parents (and grandparents) to produce enchanting moments for our children so they can have life renewing memories when life gets difficult as it always does.”
    LIFE RENEWING MEMORIES…I love this concept! Without knowing this I insisted and moved heaven and earth to have the chance to take our first memorable family beach vacation…because I know it will be memorable for us as a family and for our children…it excites me to think of taking our first picture at the beach…I totally agree with you, it is part of our purpose as a parent…at least my mom did fill our childhood with LIFE RENEWING MEMORIES so I know their effect and their value…Thank you so much Karen, big hug Alexandra

    • Karen Wan says:

      Alexandra, it sounds like we had the same kind of mom. My mom also filled our lives with life renewing memories and that has made so much difference in my life. Some of my most enchanting memories were vacations. Our first family vacation was a beach vacation in Florida, and those memories do last a lifetime. So good for you for making sure you had a vacation. Big hug back to you! Karen

  4. newsofthetimes says:

    Age 10 (double digits!!!) And 33. 10 felt like a magical care-free happy time. Age 33 was my first year dating my husband. Maybe I should tell him that! 🙂

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