Going Backwards to Move Forward

English: Astrological clock at Venice
English: Astrological clock at Venice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m taking a break from our Enchanted Oasis theme today to touch upon the theme of going backwards to move forward because it so aptly fits these next few weeks astrologically.

Those of you who follow astrology might know that we are moving into a period of retrogrades. Retrogrades in astrology happen when planets appear to move backwards in the sky.  The planets aren’t really moving backwards, they just look that way due to the optics of planetary motion.

The next few weeks in particular are a time with both Mercury and Uranus retrograde, a time when whatever might go wrong could go wrong, especially in the area of schedules, travel, computers, equipment.   It’s a good time to have back-up plans to your back-up plans.  Of course, I’m going on vacation during this time, so that should make things interesting.  I’m backing up all my computer data before July 14th when Mercury turns retrograde.  Tomorrow, July 13th Uranus goes retrograde.

This talk of retrogrades and moving backwards reminded me that sometimes we need to go a step or two backwards to revisit old challenges, old loves, old dreams.  This is a perfect time of year to do this anyway whether or not you give credence to astrology.

In terms of writing this might be a great time to go back and rework some of the projects that may have seemed stuck before.  Do you have any projects that you know are near completion, but require some revisions, maybe some major ones.  The time between now and August 8th might be a good time to attend to this.  I’m going to be working on some creative re-writes during this time.

As you go through the next few weeks,  just give yourself some extra time to accomplish your goals and they should be as wonderful as any other days of the year.  If you do find yourself experiencing delays, just remember sometimes you need to go backwards to move forwards.

Here’s to making the most of retrogrades, astrological or otherwise!

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