Creating a Spirit Box

I had meant to write about this topic yesterday, but with my dog Ginger’s illness, other issues were more important.  Thank you for all of you who have offered your kind thoughts.

Because of the big storm’s last night, it seems the blood tests that were being done for my dog Ginger are delayed.  We still don’t know what is wrong with her, and am not sure when we’ll get the results.  My vet has been wonderful and gave me his home phone number to call him if anything gets worse.  Right now, our little dog is holding steady.

In some ways, these troubles and concerns are perfect in connection with the topic of today’s blog – Creating a Spirit box.

Now, if you don’t believe in Spirit or God or a higher power, this idea might not be as helpful for you. When the idea of creating a God box was presented twice from two different sources in the last week, it  seemed like a good one to add to my life.  I prefer to call it a Spirit box myself, but you can call it whatever you like.  I imagine you could also call this a Zen box, and approach worries in a Taoist way too.

The idea is simple and probably not a new one.   It seems like I’ve heard of variations of this theme for a long time.  Essentially, you use a box to store all those problems in your life, which are beyond your control to change in some way or another.  A sick dog.  Shaky finances.  Love.  Health.  Employment.  You name it. Whatever issue in your life is worrying you.  And you create this ritual to give over those problems to something higher than yourself.

The directions are simple:

  1. Get or find some type of container or box with a lid.  You can decorate it, like I have if you wish.
  2. Write on a sheet of paper any worry or concern you have.
  3. Put the paper(s) in the God box and trust that your worry will be handled by something bigger than yourself.
  4. Come back to the box as often as you need.  Even if you need to remember that you already put a certain worry in there, and it’s being handled in its own time.

In my case, I decided to re-purpose a box that I had created several years ago as a dream box.  It feels better suited for this purpose now.

I placed it to a bookshelf, which is also a mini altar in my house, and wrote this blessing for every time I need to use it:

Dear Great Spirit of the universe,

Help me to align with my best self, that inner transformer, who helps me to take the actions I need to take every day.

For all else, I put my worries in this box knowing they are in your hands now.

I rely on your power to redeem, forgive, and uplift everything I don’t control.

With all my worries gone, I can relax and focus on what I was put here to do today.

Any day, a new worry can occur.  All we can do is our best to deal with what presents itself, and leave the rest to something greater than ourselves to sort out.

Do you have any special ways you deal with your worries both big and small?  I’d love to hear how you face new and old challenges in life.

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18 thoughts on “Creating a Spirit Box

  1. jamieaaron03 says:

    I know I could benefit from that. I do a similar thing, only in my head, I just pray, hand it over, then wait, it seems like when we take ourself out of the equation most things just fix themselves.
    I hope your doggie is okay.

    • Karen Wan says:

      Our doggie is hanging in there. She seems to be getting better because she is now eating and drinking water. She’s wobbly on her feet and her head still shakes a bit, but she is moving herself around, which she couldn’t do a few days ago. Our prayers for her are still in the Spirit Box. It is times like these that you have to take yourself out of the equation when you’ve done the best that you can do. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Three Well Beings says:

    I have had a God box at different times in my life, but haven’t thought of this for a long time. What a great focus, offering a ritual for faith and intention that can always use renewal. I’m so sorry that Ginger’s tests are delayed and we’ve been hearing about these storms–hard to imagine, frankly. Good time for much prayer. I’d like to put my own box in a prominent spot, too. oxo Debra

    • Karen Wan says:

      Sometimes it’s good to try something again. My box is one that hadn’t really been using much. It’s felt rewarding to see my kids use the box with me. Debra, thank you for your kind thoughts about Ginger, they’re very much appreciated.

  3. sarafoley says:

    That is a beautiful idea. I started imagining mine while I was reading. I would put the prayer on the underside of the lid so that when I opened the box to put another worry in it, I would remember to say the prayer.

    • Karen Wan says:

      That sounds great. I put a prayer on the bottom of the box to see when I open it, but hadn’t thought about the lids. My kids have started using it too, which makes it feel even more powerful!

  4. LediaR says:

    When something negative forces its way into my life, I try to think of the most positive thing that could come from it. I then focus on the power of positive thinking and write an affirmation down that I hang on the front of my refrigerator.

    One of the affirmations that I really like goes like this: “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you possibly can imagine.” (Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.) Another one is: “Failure just means you had the guts to try,” I read that one in someone’s blog. And last, but not least is a quote from Wallace B Wattle, one of the forefathers of the “Power of Attraction”. “I can succeed. All that is possible for anyone, is possible to me. I do succeed. I am full of the power of success.”

    Oh and here is one that I made up myself, “I am paying all my bills and making a comfortable living with money made from my writing!” The power of the written word, and I mean words you write yourself, is mind-boggling!

    • Karen Wan says:

      Ledia, those are all great affirmations. I especially like the Obi Wan Kenobi quote! I sometimes like to think of myself as Karen Wan Kenobi. 🙂
      I’ve found that it also helps when I write what I call Destiny maps or Destiny scenes. On more than one occasion, I have written what are essentially extended affirmations, where I wrote the salary I wanted to make and what I wanted to do and within a year they were happening. I have had one about working from home for a while that seems to be working in unusual ways. I may go back and look at that one based on your comments today.
      Thanks so much for these comments! 🙂

  5. heavenhappens says:

    My view is that it is great to put your worries in a box but you could also have a ‘love’ box where you put a picture or something to remind you of all the things that you are grateful for. I had a tip from a friend at Christmas – she gave all of us a red envelope and said if you have financial needs, put a £1 coin or a $ in your case I guess in the envelope and place it under a plant or pot in the garden. I was very sceptical but I went home and did just that. Try it and see what happens. I think that if you are a generous and open hearted person (as you clearly are) and you ask the universe for just what is reasonable and enough for your needs – you will be answered.
    My daughter and I are thinking of you and Ginger x

    • Karen Wan says:

      It’s true focus on worries can increase them. My thought with this is to let them go. It’s an interesting idea with the red envelope, seems worth a try! Thank you to you and your daughter for thinking of Ginger. I believe all the positive energy is helping her!

  6. thehealthywarrior says:

    Hi Karen. So nice to hear that you have a God box. I have one also; just started my box about a month ago. I believe it is quite helpful because I can write down my weaknesses and gain knowledge and strength to improve on them. I’m sure your box will work out find for you as long as you visit it often. I believe the more you re-visit your God box, the more encouragement and strength you will gain. I also look at it as a way of setting goals for myself.

    • Karen Wan says:

      That’s a slightly different way than I thought of using it. So thank you for sharing that. The idea of putting my weaknesses in there, not just worries is a great one!

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