Bloom in the Garden of Your Life

This was a little twig when my kids’ grandfather (on their Dad’s side) planted this about 14 years ago. Their grandfather is no longer with us, but these flowers bloom in what now looks like a tall tree and remind of us his love.

Every season gives us different types of blooming.

In my garden, the time of most profuse blooming is in the Spring.

The summer heat can often be too intense for many of the more delicate flowers that I like.

In Fall, the bloom of colors in falling leaves dazzles us.

In the heart of Winter, there are trees that stay green and even one with berries and blossoms coming forth.

Outside of the seasonal world, our soul’s world can also bloom at all times.

We bloom differently when we are in grief than in joy.  Even boredom is blooming if we can see it as a signal to create something new.

What is blooming for you in this season of your life?

Pay attention to it, even if it hurts you. The bloom doesn’t last forever, for our human lives come to an end quicker than we would like.  Each bloom is precious in the garden of your life.

13 thoughts on “Bloom in the Garden of Your Life

  1. microrrelatososhortstories says:

    Well, I think my hydrangea is really a hydran-joe…no bloom this season…I had lavander but we had some unexpected hot weather and it coincided with a trip I took out of town and my lovely, aromatic lavander didn’t make it, but my spearmint did survive and is now thriving and filling my kitchen with it’s invigorating scent…in the garden of my emotions I am sad to admit that the only thing that’s growing there are a few weeds due to some unexpected situations that I have no idea how to resolve, what I do know is that no garden blooms where the weeds have taken over so a weeding will soon take place, God help me! Always a pleasure to read your blog, to think and to comment, 🙂 Alexandra

    • Karen Wan says:

      Many of my flowers have been suffering from the heat this year and lack of water. Fortunately, my lavender has made it through. Most years I water my gardens very little. This year, I’ve been out watering. Like you, my mint has been growing even more abundantly than usual, my lemon balm too. I am beginning to pray for more water because we’ve had too many days without rain around here. I very much enjoy your comments Alexandra. Thank you for sharing them! 🙂

  2. barbaramattio says:

    I really like the words” What is blooming for you in this season of your life:” It really resonated with me and I am quite sure this will stay in my mind for quite awhile

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