A Different Kind of Quantum Leap: Letting Go of Ambition

Tao Te Ching Detail
Tao Te Ching Detail (Photo credit: lyzadanger)

Wise people are not absorbed

in their own needs.

They take the needs of all people as their own.

They are good to the good.

But they are also good to those

who are still absorbed in their own needs.


Because goodness is in the very nature

of the Great Integrity.

Wise people trust

those who trust.

But they also trust those who do not trust.


Because trusting is the very nature

of the Great Integrity.

Wise people merge with all other

rather than stand apart judgmentally.

In this way, all begin to open their ears and hearts,

more prepared to return to the innocence of childhood.

Verse 49, Tao Te Ching

Translated by Ralph Alan Dale

9 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Quantum Leap: Letting Go of Ambition

  • Well the reason I used “Market” is because any person trying to re-shape the world needs to form a circle. They need people to read their work and act.

    When you say “contradiction” the first thought is “standing still”. Having two points that cancel each other out, leading us no where. Now, when setting a goal “to bring people together” there will be ideas that seem contrary to one another but lack the contradiction of it nature; it works towards the goal, Ex: Fighting for Peace….”fighting” alone has a negative connotation, but adding the power of the word “peace” and it overwhelms the negativity of the word by showing the reader what they are fighting for. AmazinglyBrash….Brash explains the tough love in which I use to get my points across, which also makes it amazing because some may have an emotional reaction but will come to logically see the honesty in its content. Speaking in absolutes can ruffle some feathers (because people like false control) but absolutes get us the order necessary to be organized!!!!

    • Thanks for the thought provoking online conversation! I can’t say that I thought of contradiction as standing still, but I can see your point.
      Sounds like you have a thoughtful plan for getting your message out, and that is important if you want to change the world. Good luck with all your efforts to make the world a better place!

  • Sorry for all the errors, I can’t type on the go. Hope you got the just of what i was saying. You and I are on the same path and I love to see that we aren’t getting tried from walking it. I am creating a book of passages and quotes. I am working on it now. Do you think their is a market for a thought provoking books???? What did you mean by Contradictory? You have an example?

    • Great to hear about your book. I do think there is a market for thought provoking books, but I wouldn’t limit what you have to say by what is marketable. With that said I suspect you could find a viable market for what your wisdom.

      By contradictory I was thinking of the various wisdom books that I find helpful almost always have some contradictory messages. I’ll give you some examples.

      1. One of my favorites contradictions comes from critics of Lao Tzu the attributed author of the Tao Te Ching, who point out that Lao Tzu begins the Tao Te Ching:
      The Tao that can be told is not the universal Tao. The name that can be named is not the universal name.
      Then, Lao Tzu goes on to write many words about that which cannot be known or described. That’s one kind of contradiction, which most people who write about the spiritual must face. We write about that which in many ways cannot be known.
      2. Another is something you see in the Bible for example where you have messages in the Old Testament about an eye for an eye and then turn the other cheek by Jesus. This is the kind I find myself writing – two competing messages that are both true. For instance, I believe we both need to spend more time going inward to know our true selves and more time genuinely communicating and connecting with other people. You generally can’t do both actions at the same time, but they are both part of wise living.

      In your case, you have a blog Amazingly Brash which is thought provoking and “brash”, but also talks about people needing to be more gentle, forgiving and loving with each other at times. There is some paradox with your work.

      Guess this was a long answer to your question, but it’s something that I believe is important for most of us. We need to embrace contradictions and paradox to live well! 🙂

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself…. the wisdom it takes to take an oath to use your wisdom to encourage everyone else to be wise, is the moment others will see the stress and strain causing them to believe it useless; To have an ideal that many will fight against to make a reality; one that encourages group while discouraging selfishness. They will fight to maintain a strength that is actually a weakness for weaken the weaker, but the weaker are disillusioned into believe it’s a strength. Keep challenging the world to think.

    • Thank you for your thoughts, as always you shared your wisdom in memorable ways.
      I’m not sure if I’ve missed this on your site, but have you ever thought of collecting your timeless pieces of wisdom in a book?
      It seems to me that your ideas, which might even be contradictory at times, could be collected just as those in the Tao Te Ching and be quite poweful in a short but profound book.

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