Training for Quantum Leaps

Prayer flags on Renjo La

Prayer flags on Renjo La (Photo credit: Oliphant)

Let’s face it  .  .  . most transformational coaches are paid to help their clients to create quantum leaps and usually big ones.

If you’re experiencing trouble or discomfort in some area of your life, and you finally admit that you might need some help,  you want to make change quickly, as in quantum leap change.

The problem is that coaches who are honest cannot promise anyone a quantum leap.

So most of the time coaches preach the idea of taking massive action.   This type of transformation usually creates results.  Many of the biggest, quickest changes I’ve experienced myself and seen in others happened because of massive action.  Unfortunately, these types of transformation don’t always endure.

Sometimes massive action creates world changing quantum leaps, as in the example of an Edison with his thousands of failed experiments before the light bulb was developed.  In the U.S., we tend to associate this type of transformation with the American way –work hard and produce extraordinary results.  With big challenges facing America, you see many pundits talking about one type of massive action or another.

Zen Habits and other blogs talk about a more palatable version of massive change through making a lot of small changes that grow over time into a bigger change.  This is a slower version of taking massive action that often works better for most of us.

There is another kind of quantum leap that is discussed rather often too.  I call it the “truest dream” quantum leap.  It’s a different kind of quantum leap.

dramatic dream

dramatic dream (Photo credit: unNickrMe)

Here are the elements of truest dream quantum leaps:

  • A worthy dream
  • Praying or deeply longing for help
  • Being in the right place at the right time
  • Finding and working with people that respect your ideas
  • Giving up on being the driver of the change you want to experience
  • Letting go of ambition
  • Following your intuition
  • Using all of your disparate experiences in unusual ways

The challenge with this type of quantum leap, if you notice, is that you’re not in control.

Personally, I’ve noticed that the most important quantum leaps in my life often began after some type of prayer occurred; a prayer that happened because effort wasn’t enough.  Then, a shift occurred that was followed by massive action that felt easy and steady.  When, we are stuck, not feeling able to take action, it’s because we need to get aligned with our truest dreams.

Julia Cameron wrote about this phenomenon in the The Artist’s Way:

Is it any wonder we discount answered prayers?  We call it coincidence.  We call it luck.  We call it anything but what it is — the hand of God, or good, activated by our own hand when we act in behalf of our truest dreams, when we commit to our soul.

There are two key words — truest dreams.

Most of us at some time in our life, we find that we are not acting on behalf of our truest or most worthy dreams.  We are acting on someone else’s true dream.

I believe the biggest challenge we face as humanity is to find a unifying true dream that we can all embrace.  If enough people truly shared a dream of global prosperity, it could happen.

Most likely you have experience in each of these different types of quantum leaps:

  1. Massive Action
  2. Changing Habits One at a Time – slow motion version of massive action
  3. Surrendering to Your Truest Dream

Note:  All these types of quantum leaps happen to be useful ideas for having your writing published or recognized!

Which type of quantum leap do you truly need in your life now?  Are there other ways you have made quantum leaps in your life?

This week I’ll be writing about the last type of quantum leap – surrendering to your truest dream(s).

12 thoughts on “Training for Quantum Leaps

  1. heavenhappens says:

    A really helpful blog, I hope lots of people read it and ponder the advice. I gained my truest dream in 1994 when I sat by the River Gave in Lourdes and prayed for a kind and loving husband. I had brought up my 4 children on my own for years since my first husband left. I was very happy working and looking after them but I was ready for a new life for myself. On returning home my relationship with a man who was a very good friend was transformed into the answer to my prayer. We have been married very happily ever since. So I would go for the Truest Dream approach!

    • Karen Wan says:

      What a wonderful story! I have also found that praying for my truest dreams creates amazing results. Thank you for sharing your prayer driven quantum leap!

  2. stuartart says:

    Nice one Karen. I actually believe in both massive action AND tiny steps one day at a time (I bet you guessed that!). The Kaizen approach is one I advocate in my Program – a process of making tiny improvements over and over, the cumulative effect of which is a BIG improvement over time. Great post. 🙂

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