How will you make the most of your summer (or winter)?

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Seasonally, quite a bit of the world is moving into a slower paced time.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, summer is beginning and if in the southern hemisphere winter is starting.  In my experience, both extremes of cold and heat, lead to a slowing down.

There is no limitation on when we can start or finish writing projects, but I find that it’s easier for me to finish projects in these slower times, and take on smaller projects that are harder to fit in during the busy seasons.  In that way, I’m ready for the surge of energy that I almost always get in the fall or spring to start something bigger.

" Summer on track "
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I’m taking advantage of my natural energy flows by not only for finishing writing projects, but doing simple projects that might be easier to do now.  Reading Brendon Burchard’s book Charge also motivated me to commit to some 60-90 plans in place for this summer, with a focus on the joy of being alive to learn and experience new activities.

Our summer family goals are:

  • Archery class for my youngest son
  • 4-week home French class that I’ve been meaning to do for what seems like forever
  • Family Road trip in July – we still haven’t decided exactly where yet
  • See an old friend of mine who is coming to Chicago in late June
  • Schedule a water park trip for my oldest son
  • Read the Five Ancestors series of books with my youngest son
  • Finish three smaller writing projects for me
  • Each of us is going to follow an exercise program to become more fit by this fall

Do you have any summer (or winter) goals?  This next 60-90 days could be a wonderful time to find new ways to love your life even more than you do now.  What excites you now?

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