Where is Your Writing Taking You?

Shell Spiral

Shell Spiral (Photo credit: Theen …)

There are many places that our writing can take us:

  • New worlds (fantasy or real)
  • New work – assignments and projects we might not have been able to imagine
  • Discovering we have a tribe of followers of our ideas
  • Discovering no one resonates with our ideas
  • Deeper into our soul, whether anyone reads our writing or not
  • Into despair even though we have many readers
  • Closer to God
  • Farther away from God
  • Stuck in our mind
  • More deeply into the heart of our life
  • Into our own world that keeps us separated from others
  • Into a shared world that brings us closer together with others

And more . . .

Our writing destination is both a choice and an unplanned spiral journey expanding us and often bringing us back to a focal point defined by the greater part of our soul.

Where is your writing taking you now?

Where would you like your writing to take you?

Do you have a choice?

the center of the universe

the center of the universe (Photo credit: JasonChamberlain)

Where is the center of your writing universe?

7 thoughts on “Where is Your Writing Taking You?

  1. Lem Usita says:

    Such a great question. Let me think about this for a bit. My initial reaction is that it takes me deep into myself, but I’ll think about it more. I might “blog” about it. Thanks for the post.

  2. AmazinglyBrash says:

    My writing has taking me to your page and many others. I would like it to go as far as an idealist can go, which means My ideals become reality. My gift isn’t a choice but DECISION to use it was. The core of my universe deals with the world reaching its potential not just being satisfied with seeing it. Our writing allows us to visit our hearts regularly and even invite company over to drink the passion!!!!

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