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This is the final post in my current series of blogs about taking the brakes off of your personal energy and innate goodness.

Today, I am sharing ideas about why it matters for writers to understand our personal energy, and to be aware of the type of energy that we’re putting into our writing.

Nowadays, most of us are bombarded with information and writing that is packed with different kinds of energy.

Some communications are uplifting, funny and inspiring.  Others are angry, demeaning, fearful.  Of course, many pieces of writing are boring because the energy of emotion is not present in them at all!

Your writing has an energy to it that often reflects the kind of day that you’re having.  This doesn’t mean you should only write when your energy is “good”. Sometimes, the “negative” energy is just what a story needs to create drama and interest.  So, it’s not necessary that your energy becomes all sunshine and roses.  However, it’s helpful to track your energy over the course of time to notice how the type of energy you are experiencing and creating affects your writing.

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The Energy Boosters for Writers worksheet is something I’m putting together for my 7 Elixirs class for Writers that I’ll going to be offering this fall in the Chicago area.  It’s based on the writing coaching work that I’ve done in the last few years.

I’ve noticed that finishing projects often requires that we manage our energy for the toughest part of writing which is when we are refining our work.  This is the time when we throw out good and sometimes great ideas for the sake of a story or grant application or marketing brochure or memoir.

This worksheet may not make complete sense, because it’s out of context to the rest of the course that I’ll be giving.  Yet, I’m sharing it anyway because it’s rather self-explanatory, and shows you a different way of managing your time and energy in conjunction with your writing.

Energy Booster for Writers Worksheet

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs!  Tomorrow, we’ll be back to some literary musings.

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8 thoughts on “Energy Booster for Writers

  • I love what you said about the energy of emotion needing to be in our writing. That is so, so true, Karen. If writing does not elicit some type of emotion, it will be passed by. Emotion is the magic spark that acts like a magnet to draw readers in. Tapping into our human senses and making us feel something besides deadly boredom.

    • Just wanted to let you know that I posted a positive review for The Legend of the Tengu Prince on Amazon! Definitely could feel the magic of emotion in your wonderful book about Karasu Hinata. Thanks for all your insights!

      • Thank you so much, Karen! That means so much to me! You are welcome as well. I enjoy reading your blog. You have such a wonderful zen way of looking at things.

      • Thank you Ledia! My spam filter keeps taking your comments from me. Sorry it took me so long to get around to checking them. 🙂

  • Great post this Karen, i agree with what you said. We have to make people ‘feel’ through our words almost like what we are reading is magical or has power to bring out our emotion. The best parts for me are the parts where you can really feel the passion in whats said to the point where it is beautifully unique, even the twists. I am currently writing as a hobby in my free time when i can really enjoy it; those spontaneous moments that appear during the day help a great deal. I jot them down while i’m feeling it so i don’t lose it. Sometimes however like you said you just have to push through with writing even when its not a good day, in some way i guess that could help those parts where a sad or negative part of the story appears.

    • Hi Jay,
      Writing has been both a hobby and profession for me, and so I know what you mean by having the freedom of writing as a hobby. Some of my writing will always be that way.Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!

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