Are You a Master of Your Destiny?

Certificate of the Master title in the United ...
Certificate of the Master title in the United States of America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I once had a teacher who taught that each person would be wise to work towards becoming a Master of their own life.  To do this, she said we need to learn how to serve others.


There all kinds of masters.   We can become masters of our craft or career.  Some people are the master of their family.   Others master their time on earth.

If all masters served their students or followers or a higher good, I would find the term master to be something to seek after.  Unfortunately, being a master has often provided opportunities for abusing power over others. I tend to associate with patriarchal power used against the defenseless.


Yet, there is something about becoming a master of our own destiny that is an inherent aspect of not only American culture but personal development.  The type of master that has most appealed to me in recent years is becoming a spiritual master.  I have seen glimpses of the one reality that underpins all of life during my spiritual questing in the last few years.  There were even times when I have been able to hold on to states of bliss for months on end.  However, attaining bliss is not a form of spiritual mastery that satisfies me when so much of humanity deserves to be able to live in states of greater security, balance and comfort.


skills-3 (Photo credit: Vancouver Island University)

It bothers me that the technology and skill to feed everyone on the planet exists, yet I’m not sure what I could do to help that process.  The earth is the home to billions of people who if we could work together could create paradise on earth. Instead, most of us stay stuck living the same old materialist life.

It’s not so much that there are a few people who are truly evil that are making the rest of us suffer.  It seems to me that the problem lies in the challenge that we don’t know how to master collaborative living.

In America, we have a country of basically good people in America who can’t come to agreement on how to move into the future, even though we all know the visions for the next era of human growth cannot be the same as the last era that brought us to this stage of our development.  It’s not just the top 1% of America that is clinging to a materialist way of life, it’s much of our society.


A composed satellite photograph of North Ameri...
A composed satellite photograph of North America in orthographic projection. The observer is centered at (40° N, 95° W), at Moon distance above the Earth. Español: Imagen de satélite de América del Norte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sense is that the earth and nature want to teach us a new way of being a master, and for the next few days I’ll share some ideas about the era of learning self-mastery in partnership with nature, as well as the idea of collaborative mastery without all of us becoming borgs or robots.I sincerely hope that North America can take the lead in a new kind of personal and group mastery.

We have the resources to do this if we can find the will and wisdom!




9 thoughts on “Are You a Master of Your Destiny?

  • You’re thoughts here and writing are lovely…fantastic post! Master of our own life ~ love the sound of that 🙂
    xx ~ TDL
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  • I think when we have problems we always seem to have someone else to point the finger at. I know I catch myself doing that. Pointing at my neighbors, politicians, corporations, churches, etc. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking deeper into myself lately, and realizing their are a lot of good things I can do.

    • I see you doing those good things through your blog. I’m especially impressed by your love of the lil’ fella, and your story around adoption. Thanks for sharing!

  • “The search for the individual is killing us…. We are collection better seen in its entirety”!!!! Our identities should never get in the way of our unity. We are better than skepticism; losing faith in our fellow wo/man because they may stub. We hold on to the idea that no one is perfect but together we are. Where one is weak the other is strong; when one fall the other will be there to help them back up. “We’re feed more than what is on our plates to keep us from enjoying what we have already eaten”!!!! It’s hard to see that everybody can share the wealth because together we are the wealth. Great post….thought provoking and refreshing to see someone else thinking of the whole.

    • So true, and sometimes so difficult. I wrestle with the balance between being too stubborn and being too wishy washy. There is a happy medium.

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