How Does Your Writing Change the World?

Your hands can be very powerful when you use them to write on behalf of a business, cause or story that matters to you

Every so often,  I write a variation on this blog. It’s a good idea to remember how your writing has not only changed your life, but other people in your world.

When I look back at all the writing I’ve done in my life these are some of the effects of my writing:

  • Helped transform developer specifications to manufacturing specifications that launched new products
  • Helped computer users learn how to use software
  • Helped online entrepreneurs sell products on their websites
  • When I was a Sustainability Director for a non-profit:
    • Created a green business program for the City of Chicago
    • Wrote brochures that sold companies on joining green business networks
    • Wrote the applications for the awards the Waste to Profit network won
    • Created a how to create by-product synergy networks guide for the EPA
  • Created presentations for a Green Leadership Network
  • Inspired clients to transform their lives for the better by losing weight, start and end relationships, change careers
  • Motivated clients and friends to write their books

Hopefully, I also inspire some of you to honor yourself and your writing.  I’m certainly not going to get a Pulitzer prize for the type of writing I’ve done in my life, but it made a difference.  There are days when I need to look at my list and remember that my writing has made a difference in the world, and that I’m capable of making a difference again.

If you start to look over the course of your life, you can identify how powerful your writing can be in making the world a better place in practical ways, and inspiring others through your stories.  Just for today, make a list of all the ways your writing has affected others in the past, present, and in the future if you like.

If you’re writing a blog, there’s a good chance that you are:

  • Teaching
  • Inspiring
  • Healing
  • Entertaining

many people and uplifting their lives in some way.

Thanks for the world-changing work that you are doing!

4 thoughts on “How Does Your Writing Change the World?

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  2. eof737 says:

    Great question… let me count the ways. But first, it changes me and then reveberates out to touch, and, hopefully, change others.

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