Can You Bloom Too Soon?

This week is probably the first week in over a month where the temperature in the Chicago area is forecast to be at the freezing mark.  It’s been so warm on many days that it felt like we had gone straight from winter to the middle of summer.

Delicate sweet woodruff blooms

The great thing about all this warmth has been the preponderance of blooming plants. I love the small lovely sweet woodruff shown to the right  that look like fairy flowers to me.  They are one of my favorite flowers.

I’ll be including shots of the tulips, lilacs, and other blossoms over the next few days.  It’s a good thing that I took them this last weekend because the weather is changing again.

strawberries in bloom in April

The strawberries are blooming already, which worries me a bit with the frost and freeze warnings in the next few nights.  Not sure if the cold weather could hurt them.  I wonder if they are blooming too soon.

This got me to thinking about the dangers of blooming too soon in our lives.  We’ve all heard of late bloomers, for those of us who seem to take a bit longer than most to find success in life.

Sometimes, I wonder if you can bloom too early in life.  I think of the many talented artists, writers and others who die so young like James Dean, Janis Joplin, and more recently Amy Winehouse.  Did they have too much blooming of their talent too soon?

Do you think there is a danger in blooming too soon in life?

Then, there are the Mike Wallace’s of life.  I watched a special about the late 60 minutes reporter yesterday and was amazed to see how many times he reinvented himself and in effect was constantly blooming throughout his long life.    Mike Wallace learned how to handle the sudden freezes in life.  Though, I also was surprised to hear him admit in a previously recorded interview that he had also struggled with depression several times and even attempted suicide.

It is not an easy thing to keep blooming when life throws its most unexpected changes at us.  We can also get addicted to certain kinds of praise and attention.

There are other kinds of blooming that are not so showy.  Like the blooming that comes in our soul from having the courage to take risks and fail.  Or the blooming that comes when we keep persisting towards living our ideals when no one is watching us.  This is a blooming of our character and integrity, which is the one kind of blooming that we can practice for all of our days.

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