Weekly Video Blog: Ten Ways to Use Technology to Slow Down and Accomplish More

Today’s blog is short and simple.  You may already be wise about how you use technology, but sometimes it’s old-fashioned technology that needs a bigger place in our life.

Ten Ways to Use Technology to Slow Down and Accomplish More:

  1. Switch the way you use technology, rather than allowing it to mean you work more, use a timer to limit how much you work.
  2. Listen to music 30 minutes every day to entrain your heart to a slower rate, which not only feels good, but potentially extends the length of your life.
  3. Donate to your favorite charity via the Internet.
  4. Take a train to work if possible, to add time to your day.
  5. Use the “old technology” of modern plumbing to drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  6. Call an old colleague who lives across the country to network virtually.
  7. Create video conferences or video events for more of your work.
  8. Record your favorite TV shows to avoid wasting time on commercials.
  9. Determine the most efficient use of social media for your life and business.
  10. Listen to a visualization audio before you go to bed to de-stress from your day.

Nothing earth shattering here.

Have you ever thought about improving the way you use technology to slow down and accomplish more?  Would love to hear your ideas!