Being a Voice for Sacred Desire

Many years ago, I found this D.H. Lawrence quote in a book called the Spirit of Loving . I don’t know the original D.H. Lawrence source, which I need to find and read one of these days.   This brief passage embodies a definition of desire that speaks to me and is an ongoing inspiration for the story in my novel series.

In every living being there is a desire for love, or for the relationship of unison with the rest of things. That a tree should desire to develop itself between the power of the sun, and the opposite pull of the earth’s centre, and to balance itself between the four winds of heaven, and to unfold itself between the rain and the shine, to have roots and feelers in blue heaven and innermost earth, both, this is manifestation of love: a knitting together of the diverse cosmos into a oneness, a tree.

We tend not to believe that a tree might have a desire.  It seems easier for us to believe that some all-powerful being has a desire for us to obey it, rather than to see that perhaps everything in the whole cosmos is full of desire connected to our own.   This extends even further.  Maybe a concept for a book or piece of art might have a desire on how it would like to come forth into the world through us.  And it’s up to us to listen to desire very closely.

Whether it’s in a blog, a poem or a novel, we have an opportunity to listen to the desires of others.  We also have the opportunity to speak for the desires of those beings or things that cannot speak for themselves.  To do either, we have to be quiet and calm enough to listen to the murmurings and messages of desire all around us.

The challenge becomes:

How do we make the deepest desire of our own soul come alive in the world for this short time that we have in our lives, knowing the world is alive with desire all around us?

I have an idea I’ll share tomorrow, but I’d like to hear your ideas too.  How do express your sacred desire through your life and writing?





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