Do You Listen to Stones?

Pyrite Crystal Globe

This is a bit long of a post for a Monday, but hope you enjoy it.  Thought you might enjoy a different kind of tip for working with nature to open up your energy for writing.

I’m biased. Stones or crystals seem to call to me.  They have always felt magical to me.

Ever since I was a young girl, I had a strong fondness for beautiful stones.  I would collect them and one of my favorites was “fools gold”.  I liked to think that some day if I searched long enough I would find some real gold instead of pyrite.  Never did.  I suppose it was my love of stones that nudged me in the direction of getting a degree in ceramic engineering where I learned that all ceramics were made up of vibrating atoms in various structures.  It was in college that I developed the idea that stones were alive, just in a different way than organic life.

One of the main characters in my fantasy novel is a listening stone, called the Great Listening Stone of Azerbaijan.  There are many other listening stones in my story as well.  So, it probably doesn’t come us a surprise that I like to give small crystals or stones to people who attend my workshops.

This afternoon I took a trip to my favorite crystal shop in Geneva, Illinois — Crystal Life.  Every time I walk into this shop, I feel transported back to Sedona, it has that kind of energy.   My intention was to pick up a bunch of small crystals — rose quartz, amethyst and citrine to give out as healing gifts at my workshop this Saturday. 

While I was sorting through the right stones to give others, the owner of the shop asked me if I could use some help.  Normally, I would have said no, but I had an urge to ask if she knew of any crystals that might help someone trying to refine a novel. She showed me some Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise, stones known for their ability to strengthen and open the third chakra.  You might know that Lapiz Lazuli also is known for cleansing your aura and permitting access to mystic knowledge.  

These stones felt good, but I also told her that the first stone that had caught my eye was a golden sphere that when I picked it up tingled in my hand.  She informed me that it was pyrite, “fools gold”, and that it would help clear negative energies and anything that was false.  This was a much prettier version of pyrite than the ones I had seen as a kid, maybe because it came from exotic Peru.  The stone sparkled in a way that looked magic, and felt that way when I touched it.

We ended up spending about 20 minutes trying out stones for helping me refine my novel.  At one point, we put some stones that could be worn as pendants down on the table – lapis lazuli, pyrite and morganite.  Morganite heals throat problems and has a loving energy like rose quartz.     I had been holding only the pyrite and morganite, when I picked up the lapis lazuli, I felt myself stand up straighter and we both got the chills up our spine. I also tried holding two larger pieces of the pyrite.  When I held them together, the shop owner stood back and said she could see a negative syrupy energy leaving my body, and that I had a great deal of toxic energy to release.  I could feel it.

Atala, the store owner, explained her view that minerals like pyrite had the ability to pull out negative energies, and that depending upon how much they were used, they would need to be recharged.  It made a certain sense to me, just from a more scientific view of differently charged ions interacting with each other.

If this all sounds crazy to you, don’t take my word for it.  See if holding some stones or crystals helps your writing.   I’ll let you know how the pyrite combinations work for me.  If pyrite helps me to release the negative energies and any falseness from novel then it will be worth more than gold for me.  If not, it’s still a beautiful stone for my collection of earth treasures.

Do any of you have ways of connecting with some part of nature to improve your writing?

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