The Miracle in Our Stories

Last night while I was watching the SAG awards, I was deeply moved by Viola Davis’ acceptance speech.  As a disclaimer, I haven’t read The Help or watched the movie.  I was impressed that this one fictional story touched the heart and soul of so many people and gave dignity to the humble yet courageous experience of life of so many people.  While I was watching Viola Davis speak, I felt like I was watching a miracle.

This morning the Daily Ray of Hope from Sierra Club which I highly recommend, had this saying which continued the theme for me:

Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. — Saint Augustine

It occurs to me that we could also say that:

Miracles are not contrary to stories, but only contrary to what we know about stories.

There is something so powerful and life affirming in our best stories, which in many ways defies explanation.  We don’t know which stories will move us individually or collectively.  A miracle happens when a story can positively change our lives more powerfully than we ever thought possible.  That’s what Viola Davis was alluding to in her acceptance speech.  I wish I had written down her exact words, but she talked about how grateful she was for being part of telling a story that changed people, even in a small way. 

One of the goals of my writing is to inspire people to honor the uncommon talents of ordinary people, especially through my novel.  One of the reasons I need to write is to inspire myself as an ordinary person to keep growing and changing. Taking this all in helps my writing practice this week.   As I edit my novel, I will practice surrendering to the miracle of where the story wants to go.

What miracles are your stories creating, not only in your writing, but in your life?

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