Connecting Your Soul to Your Writing

Sometimes we get stuck about what to write.  Sometimes, we get stuck about how to live.

Sometimes our writing doesn’t reflect our soul.  Sometimes our writing reflects our soul more than our life does.

Here’s a quick writing exercise that can be an elixir for your writing and your soul, if you’re ever feeling stuck.  It’s also great for creating a template for style concerns when you’re trying to edit your work.

Writing Your Soul Exercise:

  1. Ask yourself this question – Is my soul shining through better in my writing or my life?  If they’re both great, you don’t need this exercise, you’re aligned.
  2. On an index card or piece of paper, write down the top five qualities that represent the best in you.   Don’t limit yourself to what you think are your best qualities or should be.  If you think one of your best qualities is feistiness or rebelliousness or whatever, write it down. You might want to make multiple copies of the card.
  3. Choose what to change: 
    • If you’re writing reflects these qualities better than your life, go change your life
    • If you’re life reflects these qualities better than your writing. edit your writing.
    • If neither your life nor your writing reflect your soul’s qualities, then make some changes in both areas to better reflect the true you.
  4. Keep this card available for whenever you need inspiration to write what you are here to write, and live the life only you can live.

This is a really simple way to connect your writing and soul.  It can work wonders when you’re stuck doubting about your worthiness to write.   Every one of our souls has qualities that the world needs to be expressed, and sometimes you may need to remind yourself of this.

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