The Different Ways of Connecting with Your Readers

Earlier this week, I talked about the energetic connection we have with our readers.  Today,  I thought I’d get a bit more practical and down to earth about different ways we connect with our audience or readers. 

If you’ve done any kind of marketing writing in the past or present, including writing your resume, you have probably tried to create certain effects with your writing, particularly the desire to take action based on your writing. 

Last night, I contemplated what the most interesting writers do to attract attention and action on the part of their audience, as well as the effects compelling stories and movies have on their readers.   This is my list of different ways a writer can connect with readers:

  • Present a vision for a better future
  • Present a vision of a dystopic future
  • Show subtle or shocking humor regarding life’s mishaps
  • Evoke a visceral response based on the powerful descriptive power of your words
  • Share complaints, gripes, hatreds of your tribe
  • Present surprising twists and turns to a story or character in a book your audience cares about
  • Scare your readers
  • Write beautiful, lyrical descriptions that touch people deeply
  • Share knowledge about a subject or process
  • Share wisdom of your own or someone else’s
  • Create peace through your words

There are many ways to connect with an audience.  You could probably add a whole lot more.  Do you have a preferred or favorite way of connecting with your readers?  Are any of your styles of writing and presenting information limiting you?

For instance, a while ago I suggested to a fellow blogger (who I knew fairly well for many years) that he was so heavily portraying the dystopic view of environmental issues, that he was scaring people away from the positive aspects of the work  he was doing through his business.  As he shifted his writing to include some more upbeat blogs in the last few months, it made a significant difference in his ability to connect with his very extensive list of readers, who he was previously scaring too much.  He still sounds the warning calls for the environment in many ways, but it’s not unbearable to read his blogs anymore.

Blogging is such a wonderful way to experiment with the different ways of connecting to readers.  You might want to experiment with several ways of connecting to your blog readers this year, if changing things up feels right for you. 

Aside: It can be difficult to see the effect of your own writing on other people, so you might want to have some insightful friends give you feedback, especially, if you know your communications are stuck in some way.   I’ve done this many times and it helps. You might also contact a writing coach to help with identifying the most successful approaches for sharing your message, story or books.  This is part of the service I provide with my clients.  If you’re the kind of person who is adept at spotting the strengths and weaknesses in other people’s writing, you might also consider becoming a writing coach yourself.  There are so many people writing around the world in so many mediums, and some of them might need the help only you could offer.

5 thoughts on “The Different Ways of Connecting with Your Readers

  1. Karen Wan says:

    Thank you! I love my writing life, and enjoy sharing my observations and suggestions with anyone who can use them. I’m fortunate enough to also do some writing coaching, which teaches me as much as I learn. When I can, I bring that work into my blogs as well. It’s an ever evolving path. I enjoy learning from you as well. I started reblogging because of your wise use of reblogging to serve your audience.

  2. LediaR says:

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    These thought provoking writing prompts of Karen’s are well worth the read. Please check them out.
    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL BLOGGER’S POSTS. They were kind enough to let me share this wonderful article with you.

  3. LediaR says:

    Your suggestions are absolutely thought provoking. Thank you so much for sharing. As always, I so enjoy reading your blog. Well done!

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