Book Recommendation: Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

I’m a big fan of Martha Beck, and her new book Finding Your Way In A Wild World is her latest amazing book.  She manages to synthesize new ideas about personal transformation in a way that I wish I had thought to do.   Her writing also reflects a self deprecating sense of humor that always makes me feel she is one of us.  In this book, she provides everything from a recipe on how to make a green “gorilla” smoothie to fun games to play to do your job better.

She covers four technologies of “magic”:

  • Wordlessness
  • Oneness
  • Imagination
  • Forming

Those ideas alone aren’t so unusual, but the way in which Martha weaves through adventures in Africa and personal experiences is nothing short of  genius.  If you’re interested in approaching personal change through a fun set of writing exercises, this is a great book to buy or get on loan from your local library. 

This is my favorite book of hers since reading Finding Your Own North Star.  I read that book back in 2003 and it helped me change my life in so many ways, I’ll always read everything she writes.

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