Writing Your Destiny Now Available on Amazon

I’m delighted to be able to share my first Writing Your Destiny journal on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.  I created this journal in the most affordable, sustainable way that I could find, and I’m very happy with the results.  I’ll be writing a separate post about how easy it is to use CreateSpace on Amazon to create the book you have always wanted to write and publish, quickly and inexpensively.  

The Writing Your Destiny series is a labor of love. for me.  I wrote Writing Your Destiny because as a professional transformational coach and writer, I’ve been rather challenged with most people’s systems  for helping others to change. Most self-help systems sound good, but the results they create are often underwhelming.  

Writing Your Destiny is a different kind of self-help book.  First of all, it’s a journal, more than a how-to guide.  You do most of the work through answering a series of prompts that almost effortlessly move you in the direction of your deepest dreams.  

The journal is a true resource for you, that can be used as a cornerstone for your growth.   You can create some of the same results that personal coaches charging you thousands of dollars don’t achieve.  It’s my conviction that we are in a time of massive global change that doesn’t need to be so onerous or crazy making.  So, neither should be personal transformation.

It is easier to create a meaningful, abundant life than the global mass culture would have us believe.   Yet, I also know that life can be tough and drain us of our innate wonder, enthusiasm, and resilience.   I believe it is our connection to the spiritual that allows us to move through life with more ease, and Writing Your Destiny is based on exercises that help you connect with your own spirit in profound ways.

My intention is that Writing Your Destiny creates miracles and blessings for anyone who feels called to use this journal.  This may sound like a wild claim, but it’s what I believe is possible. If you feel inclined to purchase this book, may it bring you a realization of how special you are, and how much the world needs you to bring your gifts and treasures into the world.   At $3.99, the Kindle version is truly a great bargain.  Despite my love of trees, I also offered the paperback edition, because I feel there is a power of putting pen to paper that is more powerful than typing into a keyboard.   Enjoy whichever option appeals to you.


2 thoughts on “Writing Your Destiny Now Available on Amazon

  1. Karen Wan says:

    Thank you so much. I am so pleased with the book, and the whole process of writing and publishing it. You are definitely one of my destiny partners in the birthing process of this book. Want to hear much more about your very important book. Let’s talk very soon!

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