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The Mystical and the Snarky Within

January 29, 2012


Originally, today,  I was going to talk about how the writing process is a mystical experience.  Somewhere, we don’t really know where, we find ideas, inspiration, new ways of sharing information through symbols that taken together create words, then sentences and complex ideas.  The everyday process of writing is mystical, whether our writing is well […]

Connecting Your Soul to Your Writing

January 25, 2012


Sometimes we get stuck about what to write.  Sometimes, we get stuck about how to live. Sometimes our writing doesn’t reflect our soul.  Sometimes our writing reflects our soul more than our life does. Here’s a quick writing exercise that can be an elixir for your writing and your soul, if you’re ever feeling stuck.  […]

Calling Your Readers to You

January 14, 2012


What if you are an old soul, who agreed to be a teacher in this life,  and the primary way in which you are meant to contribute to positive changing the world and leading your tribe is through your writing? I once had a transformational coach who believed that all of her many students had known in her other […]