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Does the Soul of Your Book Have Cravings?

April 27, 2012


In many ways, I’ve had an ideal writer’s life for the last few years.  For a while,  I was very frustrated with myself, because I felt like I was doing the novel-writing process in the wrong way, and that I was missing some right way to be creative. For the last six months, I’ve taken a different approach […]

Rise to Meet the Day . . . Uriah Heep and the Writer’s Life

February 19, 2012


Yesterday, a new writer friend, Marta, suggested that I listen to Uriah Heep’s song Tales, as she felt the song might have something important to tell me about the novel I’m writing.  Tonight, as I listened to the song on YouTube and looked up the lyrics, I found the words applied to much more than my novel.  You may remember these words […]

Re-write Inspired by John Cleese

February 15, 2012


I don’t always follow the writing exercises on other blogs, or I would never actually get anything done.  Yesterday, however, I ended up clicking through one focused on creativity by Erica V. and listening to John Cleese talk about his writing process. First of all, I love Monty Python, so that alone prompted me to […]