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Unpacking Your Own Advice

September 21, 2012


Now that our move to a new home is complete,  I’m able again to find the time for personal and work projects in a more focused way.  I’ve set some goals in the next few weeks and months including journaling, blogging and editing a writing project. Last night as I was looking for a journal for writing,  […]

Challenges Resolved by Returning Again

July 25, 2012


Some of the most important journeys in life happen after we first experience failure, and having learned from the experience, we start our journey again,  with the gold of experience and wisdom guiding us. Perhaps this has happened to you after failure. You decide to love again, and find the love of your life. You start another business and […]

The Sweet Life

June 21, 2012


Too often we wait for conditions to be right to show our inner sweetness. Any life can be a sweet life, even under in the most challenging conditions.   Sweetness is an inner attitude, though certainly some creatures seem to be born with an abundance of sweetness. Is there any one whose presence in your life has made it more […]

Are You a Master of Your Destiny?

April 28, 2012


  I once had a teacher who taught that each person would be wise to work towards becoming a Master of their own life.  To do this, she said we need to learn how to serve others.   There all kinds of masters.   We can become masters of our craft or career.  Some people are […]