A Test of Kickstarter for Writers: Seth Godin’s New Book Launch

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I had intended to share a post about creating writing retreats today, but  I was so impressed with a Kickstarter launch by Seth Godin yesterday, that I wanted to share this idea with all of you because it could be very useful for financing your next book or creative project.

Perhaps most of you are familiar with Kickstarter.  I had vaguely heard of it being used in conjunction with music and videos.  Yesterday, Seth Godin, the marketing guru genius, proved that Kickstarter could be a great way of building visibility, revenue and fun for your book launch.

In a few short hours, he kickstarted a book of his that is coming out in January called The Icarus Deception from this Kickstarter page. He’s already received over $200,000 in pledge money in what must be less than 24 hours.  Of course, he has been building a following of readers for quite a while.

Seth Godin explains Kickstarter well in the emails to his followers.  I couldn’t find an explanation in his blog, but here are some of his points from his email yesterday:

By using Kickstarter early in the process, we eliminate book publisher/bookseller skepticism and create the excitement they need to actually stock and promote the book. Those books you see stacked up by the front window at the bookstore? That’s not an accident. That’s a promotion planned months in advance, based almost entirely on how optimistic the publisher is about a book’s prospects.

So that’s the idea–a way that any author with a following can divide the publishing process into three pieces–get the true fans on board early, give them something to talk about just before the book is in stores, and then use online and offline bookstores to do what they do best and distribute far and wide. It moves the power in the process to where it belongs–to motivated readers and their authors.

It’s not easy to build a following, and it takes time, but I hope you’ll help me show authors and publishers that it’s worth it. Here’s a short link you can share: http://kck.st/KvkY4h

Kickstarter details:

  1. Kickstarter  is a free website that allows artists to give their fans a chance to show  their interest in a new project.
  2. Kickstarter  doesn’t charge you (or me) a thing unless the project meets its minimum.   After that, you’re charged for what you pledged and you are guaranteed to  get the reward you signed up for.
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You may be thinking, Seth Godin is a relatively famous author, this can’t work for someone starting out.  If you look at the Kickstarter site, there are many different kinds of projects and audiences.

Not quite sure how I would use Kickstarter myself, but I’m thinking about it.  You might consider it too.  This might be a great way to create a quantum leap for your art and writing!

If you’ve had experience with Kickstarter or other crowdfunding, I’d love to hear how that went for you and what you learned from the experience.