Weekly Video: Using Your Resources Wisely

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s topic of using inner and outer resources wisely.  I’ve loved reading all your feedback and ideas about how you’ve been finding, using and be surprised by your writer’s resources!

Thank you for all the resources and inspiration that I’ve received from your blogs and emails.  I’m also grateful for the time you take to read my posts, knowing that your time is one of your most precious resources. It’s my delight to be of service as you write your destiny!

So, to respect your personal time, I’m keeping the blog short to give you a chance to ask any questions or share any ideas that might have been stirred up in you from this week’s posts.

Art is more than expressions of conflict and drama

As a continuation of my blog from yesterday, I wanted to share more of my musings on asking the right questions to be artful in creating your destiny. Then, tonight I was reading through O magazine, and came across a wonderful quote from a wise young woman named Victoria Ford that I would rather share instead:

When I first started writing, I thought conflict and drama would make the work good.  But I realized that doesn’t create art.  Art comes from discovery.  I had to ask questions of my situation and feelings.  That changed my writing and my life.”

I really like this quote, because it reminds me that so often, we think we can’t create great art because we haven’t suffered enough.  The truth is we all have suffered enough, no matter what our life experience.  We don’t need more suffering to be artistic, but we do need to ask the right questions to live artfully.