Starting My Nanowrimo Journey


nanowrimo (Photo credit: evilnick)

This is the third year that I’ve participated in National Novel Writing month.  Each year I’ve been taking the work that I’ve done in that year and pulling everything together by writing it from scratch for a month.

The book I created in the first year was a start, but not a very readable novel.    Last year’s book was better, but I still felt that I was missing something.  This year, I feel like I finally have a clear vision for the series of sci-fi fantasy novels that I want to write and publish.  It seems like, I’ve written the second novel in the last two years, but am now finally ready to write the first novel in the series.  If this all sounds confusing, it is! :)

Still, I’m very excited and feel like my novel-writing is coming together in a new way.

How about you?

Today’s contemplation:

Has your writing been evolving in ways that you couldn’t have imagined?

Do you have any long-term projects that are finally coming together for you?

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Do You Accept Blogger Awards?

I have always appreciated receiving blogger awards — it’s so nice to know when someone likes your blog and writing.  The intent to share other people’s blogs and good work also has appealed to me.

However, it can be time-consuming to respond to them. In the last three days, I received three of them, which are very kind– the Commentator, Thanks for Writing and Illuminating Blogger Awards.  As a Leo, I love applause and attention, but I have to say these are the last blog awards that I’ll be sharing.

Over the time I’ve been getting these awards, I’ve noticed several people don’t accept any awards, and I understand their perspective.   I also have more than enough awards and other people deserve and need them more than me.

Since I want to focus on sharing my message, I won’t be responding to any new awards other than to say thank you.  I created an Awards page today to keep things simple going forward that states this policy.

Fortunately these last three awards have rules that are pleasingly vague.

So, I’m choosing to award just three bloggers in each category to keep everything simple.  With anyone who I nominated feel free to just receive the award without further action on your part, unless you want to spread some good will.

Also, many thank you’s:

Thank you Leigh from Bluegrassnotes for the Commentator award your posts on spiritual growth and healing are very inspiring to me.

Thank you to Literary Tiger who shares her joy of reading in an engaging and humorous way that is very engaging, and helps me to stay motivated to keep up my reading.

Thank you to Jennifer Politi from News of the Times.  I love the engaging way in which her blog discusses the big issues of our day in an open-minded and thoughtful way.

The rules for the Commentator blog are thank the person who gave you the award and apparently choose any number of bloggers who you appreciate their commentary.

Here are my nominees for those bloggers who consistently share insightful comments with me and the others that read their blog:

Elizabeth at Mirth and Motivation

Stephen at Life Revelation

Ledia at Creative Musings

I also appreciate the many other people who comment on my blog and share your perspective.  I enjoy our social media conversations.

The rules for the Thank You for Writing as rewritten slightly by Literary Tiger are:

  1. Post picture of award.
  2. Say some stuff about yourself (see below).
  3. Pass the award on.

This is an almost impossible one to choose.  So, I decided to honor some of my more recent subscribers that I’ve been discovering in the last few weeks:

Cathy’s Voice



The rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award are simple.

You just need to share one random thing about yourself and thank the person who recommended you.  The one random thing that I’m sharing is that dancing is my secret hobby and sort of spiritual practice.  I’ve liked dancing since I was a teenager, but mostly for myself.  I’m thinking of taking some Nia or dance classes this fall to get back into that.

My nominations for the Illuminating Blogger award are also other blogs that I’ve just begun reading that share illuminating posts:

Zen City

Heaven Happens

Earth Pages

Again, I appreciate all these awards and all the bloggers I’ve mentioned and all of you, but like some of you, I won’t be accepting any new awards after this.  Thanks for your understanding!

What do you think of blogger awards? Do you accept them?