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Your Enchanted Oasis

For some time during this summer of 2012, I’d like to share some ideas on what it means to discover and create the Enchanted Oasis within ourselves.

This theme and the following poem is in part inspired by the sweltering heat enfolding much of the United States and in part by the beautiful poetry of awakening by the Sufi Mystic Rumi.

I begin with a poem of invitation from my Enchanted Oasis to yours:

The Enchanted Oasis

Come to a place

You Know is Waiting for You

A place where you choose

the questions of your life,

guarding those diamonds,

bright as guiding stars,

in the dark night of the crimson desert

of your own making.


You may be parched,

slaked with thirst,

Dying for a drop of refreshment,

from a Long Journey.


You may be overburdened,

carrying a load too great and mighty,

for your delicate gentle shoulders

to Endure a Moment longer.


You may be swift and sure,

speeding along on a black stallion,

through the tall dunes of the tawny desert

with the ease of a Master.


You may be a light as powerful as the sun,

wandering through the delights of life,

a living expression of the Enchanted Oasis,

in your every word and deed.


It matters not.


At the Enchanted Oasis

All are welcome.


All Travellers

have a place at the table

the feast of Awakening.


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Rumi’s Thoughts on Blooming

Mawlānā's tomb. "Konya",Turkey
Mawlānā’s tomb. “Konya”,Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cease looking for flowers!

There blooms a garden in your own


While you look for


The treasure house awaits in your

own being.


I came across this beautiful quote last night and thought it was a great follow-up contemplation after yesterday’s post.

Earlier this week, I suggested going for a swing.

It’s also a good season to go for a whirl as well.  You don’t have to be a dervish.

Remember when you were a kid, and allowed yourself to twirl around to your heart’s content.   Twirling and whirling also happens to be a decent way to keep your spine supple.

Today take some time to discover your greatest treasure — you!

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Are You Making the Most of Your “Empty” Time?

Make time, Give time, Take time out
Make time, Give time, Take time out (Photo credit: -Delphine -)

Empty time is a powerful medicine that can make us more joyful and resilient,  but it’s strangely hard to swallow. We yearn for a powerful source of liberation that is right under our noses, and we’ll do almost anything to avoid it.
–Martha Beck, Making Time for Nothing

I saw this quote from Martha Beck today in her daily quote a day, and just wanted to share it.

It’s so true.

We tell ourselves we need more time, and that too much is going on.

Yet, when we get empty moments sometimes they scare us.  We turn around and fill them with doing.

This season, how could you embrace the empty time and realize you have much more freedom than you realize?

Enjoy your empty spaces today and especially this weekend!

The Sweet Life

High resolution image download available here ...
High resolution image download available here (Link) Listed under Animals Category You may use this photo for any purpose, including commercial. — my large collection of High Resolution photos and wallpapers, Thousands of high quality free stock pictures. You may use these images for any purpose, including commercial. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too often we wait for conditions to be right to show our inner sweetness.

Any life can be a sweet life, even under in the most challenging conditions.   Sweetness is an inner attitude, though certainly some creatures seem to be born with an abundance of sweetness.

Is there any one whose presence in your life has made it more sweet?

As so much of nature shows us — it is always a good time to live a sweet life!

Harnessing the Transformative Power of a Writer’s Retreat

Deutsch: Retreat
Deutsch: Retreat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you read or listen to many coaches for authors, you might notice them saying the same thing.

The first purpose of inspirational writing is to change yourself.

You may or may not agree with that idea, but you probably have noticed that often when we teach something to someone else, we are the ones who learn the most.  Personally, I have always found any kind of writing to be transformational.  Even writing computer user guides can teach you something about writing.

The process of organizing our thoughts or simply writing them, at the very least lets us know what our thoughts are.  Sometimes when we’re lucky, our writing creates beauty and wisdom and inspiration for others.

Most of all, writing is a form of self-expression.  What else could we be put upon this earth to do, if it is not to share our best self?  If writing calls to you, why not see where yours will take you this summer in an even more concentrated way and take part in a writer’s retreat?

You may already be planning on attending a writer’s retreat or creating your own.  Whether your retreat is 15 minutes or the whole summer, give yourself the chance to learn, grow and explore your unique self that you’re expressing.

In the next few posts, I’m going to offer some ideas on how to increase the expression of your self in a self-driven writer’s retreat. You deserve something that goes beyond your typical routine with writing and you can do that on your own.  However, if you want to include other writers, that’s great too!

Had you planned on giving yourself the gift of a writer’s retreat this season or this year?

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Is Your Life Enchanting?

A picture by Gustave Doré of Mother Goose read...
A picture by Gustave Doré of Mother Goose reading written (literary) fairy tales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, I started reading an older book by Marianne Williamson called Enchanted Love, The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships.  Published in 1998, this book has been around for a while.  I was surprised to find how much I loved this book on so many levels.

Her book is ostensibly about creating better romantic relationships, but I like it just as much for its melding of spirituality, romance and graceful language.

I firmly believe that we are in a time when we need writers, coaches, artists and healers to use their special gifts to create a more enchanted world.  Marianne Williamson articulates this need for enchantment so well.

The following quote from Enchanted Love also happens to provide a nice connector between the posts I’ve just shared recently regarding quantum leaps and the ideas I’d like to share for the rest of the summer regarding our relationship to the unseen world.

 The twenty first century is upon us.  We are exiting a spiritual Dark Ages in which materialistic form and function were viewed as the primary reality of almost everything.  Love hardly survived these times, though survive it di, in a fierce and miraculous way, often ravaged and torn by the mockery and denial of a loveless world.  Magic was exiled to the margins of the mind, while true romance was diminished to the purview of fairy tales and fairy tales, of course were supposedly just for children.   .  . .

Men and women need each other, at least as much as we ever did, but for a deeper experience than mere procreation or protection.  We need to partner in consciousness now, to conceive the miraculous things of spirit.  Our most potent needs are psychological and emotional, our most potent love is forgiveness and compassion.

Our children, to survive, need this transformation in our experience of love.  In order to protect them in ages past, we needed to be able to subdue our physical environment.  Now, in order to protect our children, we must learn to pacify that same environment, to transform it from fear to love.  Our relationships, at their highest, are conduits for a quantum leap forward.

Marianne Williamson

A few questions to ponder . . .

Which of your relationships in your life right now, might be a conduit for a quantum leap in your life  this summer?

Are there any areas in your life that could use some enchantment?

I’d love to hear your stories.

Pulling the Disparate Bits and Pieces Together

Paradox of Freedom: the fence
Paradox of Freedom: the fence (Photo credit: theilr)

Today’s post is the last in the series on making quantum leaps.  So, it’s fitting that it’s about pulling the disparate bits and pieces together.

In the last week, we’ve reviewed:

  • Focusing on a worthy dream
  • Praying or deeply longing for help
  • Being in the right place at the right time
  • Finding and working with people who respect your ideas
  • Giving up on being the driver of the change you want to experience
  • Letting go of ambition
  • Following your intuition

I just finished writing a response to a comment for one of my posts explaining my beliefs about the role of contradiction and paradox in our writing.  I feel all great writing and wisdom includes contradiction and paradox.

And if you are focusing on making a quantum leap or simply want one, the last element you will have to embrace is the paradox of pulling disparate parts of yourself together.

I used to believe that to be the true, authentic me would mean that I would become an entirely consistent and easy to understand self.  Our culture likes to put us in easy to control boxes so I’m sure that’s where this internal idea came from.

For many years, I sought to find the real, easy to understand me and failed.

Ironically, I could see the complexities in other people and be able to hold the idea that people can be both sarcastic and kind or outgoing and reflective, or whatever pair of opposites you might encounter.  This was part of my strength in working with others.

Yet, for myself, I felt there was something wrong with being a jumble of contradictory impulses and desires.  Yet, when I look back on every major quantum leap that I’ve made, the best jumps came when all the disparate bits and pieces came together.

I also noticed that contradictions were particularly prevalent with the business leaders that I coached.  Usually, a quantum leap in transformation came when someone I coached could incorporate a genuine part of themselves that they didn’t admit to themselves that they had.

So, my last suggestion for making a quantum leap this summer is an exercise.

  1. Make a list of your contradictions, paradoxes, and unusual combinations of talents and skills.
  2. Now ask yourself of all those authentic traits, which one is seeking to express itself more now? Maybe your kindness has been hidden for a while, or your boldness or both.

Be more of the real you and see where you might leap this summer (or winter in the southern sphere)!