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Your Enchanted Oasis

July 5, 2012


For some time during this summer of 2012, I’d like to share some ideas on what it means to discover and create the Enchanted Oasis within ourselves. This theme and the following poem is in part inspired by the sweltering heat enfolding much of the United States and in part by the beautiful poetry of awakening by the Sufi Mystic Rumi. I begin […]

Rumi’s Thoughts on Blooming

June 28, 2012


Cease looking for flowers! There blooms a garden in your own home. While you look for trinkets The treasure house awaits in your own being. Rumi I came across this beautiful quote last night and thought it was a great follow-up contemplation after yesterday’s post. Earlier this week, I suggested going for a swing. It’s […]

Are You Making the Most of Your “Empty” Time?

June 22, 2012


Empty time is a powerful medicine that can make us more joyful and resilient,  but it’s strangely hard to swallow. We yearn for a powerful source of liberation that is right under our noses, and we’ll do almost anything to avoid it. –Martha Beck, Making Time for Nothing I saw this quote from Martha Beck today […]

The Sweet Life

June 21, 2012


Too often we wait for conditions to be right to show our inner sweetness. Any life can be a sweet life, even under in the most challenging conditions.   Sweetness is an inner attitude, though certainly some creatures seem to be born with an abundance of sweetness. Is there any one whose presence in your life has made it more […]

Harnessing the Transformative Power of a Writer’s Retreat

June 18, 2012


If you read or listen to many coaches for authors, you might notice them saying the same thing. The first purpose of inspirational writing is to change yourself. You may or may not agree with that idea, but you probably have noticed that often when we teach something to someone else, we are the ones […]

Is Your Life Enchanting?

June 14, 2012


A few days ago, I started reading an older book by Marianne Williamson called Enchanted Love, The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships.  Published in 1998, this book has been around for a while.  I was surprised to find how much I loved this book on so many levels. Her book is ostensibly about creating better romantic […]

Pulling the Disparate Bits and Pieces Together

June 12, 2012


Today’s post is the last in the series on making quantum leaps.  So, it’s fitting that it’s about pulling the disparate bits and pieces together. In the last week, we’ve reviewed: Focusing on a worthy dream Praying or deeply longing for help Being in the right place at the right time Finding and working with […]