Free Transformational Author Teleseminar with Christine Kloser

Christine and David Kloser with Barbara DeAngelis from Transformational Circle in 2010

A couple of months ago, I shared my admiration for my dear friend Christine Kloser, who offers world-class coaching for transformational authors.  Here’s a picture of her and her husband David from when we all were studying with Barbara DeAngelis back in 2010.

Christine is in the midst of holding another transformational author teleseminar this year, which started yesterday.

I forgot to mention this last week, and I’m sorry about that.  When, I got around to listening to Christine’s interview with Lisa Nichols from yesterday’s launch, I realized that I had been remiss to not share this information with the Writing Your Destiny blog community, because it’s good stuff.

Here is the place to link into the free tele-seminar:


Christine also has a Transformational Author Writing Contest where aspiring authors could win career-boosting prizes such as:

* Guaranteed agency representation by Bill Gladstone (Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch’s agent)…

*Personal review of your book proposal (and consideration for a traditional publishing contract) by Marc Allen, President and Publisher of New World Library…

*Publishing packages with Hay House’s Balboa Press…

*And much more!

In full disclosure this is an affiliate link with Christine. So if you ended up buying one of the replay packages some benefit comes to me as well.


There’s no pressure to buy.  I’m sharing this primarily because the free calls could be just what you need to hear right now, and Christine has some great speakers lined up!

Check out the transformational author teleseminar, if you’re in need of this kind of inspiration or guidance!  The book contest also looks interesting for those of you to trying to write transformational books.

Novel Monday: Pulling Bit and Pieces Together

Entrance to Hell

Entrance to Hell (Photo credit: joeltelling)

Today is the day I’ve designated to write about progress with my novel, and share excerpts when it feels appropriate.  I just got a chuckle from reading a post about Revision Hell  by Joe Pineda.  I’m so in that place of feeling like an idiot with my novel like many other writers in the world apparently.

Today, I had some personal business that I had to attend to in the afternoon.  In one of the lulls waiting for an important meeting, I started reading some material I had written in a journal for the novel about 2 years ago.

I really liked the chapters that I was reading, but I had to laugh because they were written in 1st person with an entirely different lead antagonist and time frame.  I’ve since switched to 3rd person, but am now wondering about 1st person again. I’m not sure how to pull the good bits in with the twee sections.

It may be time to take some writing classes at the University of Chicago Writer’s Studio again.  I took several novel-writing classes many years ago, and they helped get me started on this road to writing novels and am now well beyond the entrance to writer’s revision hell.  Maybe the Writer’s Studio can help me get out of it too!

I almost changed today’s post to Memoir Monday because I had an inspiration that kept me inspired last night.  I was inspired by Aaron’s post on 30 things to do before 30.  Being well beyond my twenties, I looked at his list from a different perspective.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my idea for the reverse bucket list with you, which helped me to realize that revision hell is just another way to say that I’m not sure where I’m going with my novel or life and that’s ok.  Life has often had different plans for me than I expected and many challenging roads led to amazing new vistas.

Energy Booster for Writers


writing (Photo credit: found_drama)

This is the final post in my current series of blogs about taking the brakes off of your personal energy and innate goodness.

Today, I am sharing ideas about why it matters for writers to understand our personal energy, and to be aware of the type of energy that we’re putting into our writing.

Nowadays, most of us are bombarded with information and writing that is packed with different kinds of energy.

Some communications are uplifting, funny and inspiring.  Others are angry, demeaning, fearful.  Of course, many pieces of writing are boring because the energy of emotion is not present in them at all!

Your writing has an energy to it that often reflects the kind of day that you’re having.  This doesn’t mean you should only write when your energy is “good”. Sometimes, the “negative” energy is just what a story needs to create drama and interest.  So, it’s not necessary that your energy becomes all sunshine and roses.  However, it’s helpful to track your energy over the course of time to notice how the type of energy you are experiencing and creating affects your writing.

south to north view of chicagoland area

south to north view of chicagoland area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Energy Boosters for Writers worksheet is something I’m putting together for my 7 Elixirs class for Writers that I’ll going to be offering this fall in the Chicago area.  It’s based on the writing coaching work that I’ve done in the last few years.

I’ve noticed that finishing projects often requires that we manage our energy for the toughest part of writing which is when we are refining our work.  This is the time when we throw out good and sometimes great ideas for the sake of a story or grant application or marketing brochure or memoir.

This worksheet may not make complete sense, because it’s out of context to the rest of the course that I’ll be giving.  Yet, I’m sharing it anyway because it’s rather self-explanatory, and shows you a different way of managing your time and energy in conjunction with your writing.

Energy Booster for Writers Worksheet

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs!  Tomorrow, we’ll be back to some literary musings.

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