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The God of Artists

August 23, 2012


Many of us equate difficulty with virtue — and art with fooling around.  Hard work is good.  A terrible job must be building our moral fiber. Something — a talent for painting, say — that comes to us easily and seems compatible with us must be some sort of cheap trick, not to be taken seriously.  […]

Using Journals for Memoir Writing and More

May 18, 2012


Do you use journals to record your thoughts, ideas, emotions, poems and stories? When I first started journaling, I followed Julia Cameron’s ideas in The Artist’s Way.  I wrote 3 pages of long-hand on any cheap notebook or paper that I could find.  In some ways, I’ve come full circle and have been returning to […]

Writer of Destiny: Iris Murdoch

May 2, 2012


Love is the extremely difficult realisation that something other than oneself is real. Love, and so art and morals, is the discovery of reality. Iris Murdoch As much as we’d like everything to meet our needs and desires, there is thing called reality that artists and writers struggle to understand. Psychologists tell us that babies […]

The Legacy of Your Art

April 23, 2012


Almost everyone who reads my blog is an artist.  You may not look upon your work as art, but if you are creating anything original with what you do,  in my view, you are creating art. Some art is uninspiring, derivative, or mediocre.  I doubt that anyone reading this blog is creating that kind of […]