What does slowing down to accomplish more mean to you?

Most of us have heard at one time or another in our lives, that we need to slow down to accomplish more.  This is common Be Here Now, zen advice, to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.  It’s great advice!

But . . .

I would like to suggest that slow and steady is always a good practice, but it means different things at different times in our creative cycles.

Those of you who love writing, have undoubtedly found times that your pace of writing varies.  Often, day to day, we find ourselves moving with a different rhythm.

But when we’re looking at using writing as a tool for creating a better destiny, it helps if we give ourselves permission to have different rates of slow and steady focus, which means that we need to take some time to understand our own rhythms, and the transforming outer cycles that are working on us.

You might want to check out my post on Creative Cycles and Your Energy, which discusses what slow and steady progress means at different times in our creative cycles.  When it comes to creating our destiny, we have to know that it’s normal and human to require different approaches to slowing down at different times in our lives.

This week, I’d love to hear from you.

This week’s contemplation: 

When has slowing down helped you to create more goodness in your life?

The Treasure Map of Your Destiny

Pacific shoreline in La Jolla CaliforniaAs promised, in my last post, here is a writing/creative practice that can help you shift into a more co-creative state with your destiny.

It’s really a simple exercise that you can do any way that you would like to do.

In the last post, I asked you to contemplate the question:

If you had a treasure map of your destiny, how far are you from being on the path towards the treasure?

Today’s exercise is this:

In whatever way you would like, using your imagination, draw or write a detailed map of the treasures of your destiny.

You might like to create a visual representation of this map or a written one.

Here’s one approach:

On one side of a piece of paper create a picture or describe in writing, of all your current treasures.  These can be from any area of life including work, family, relationships, prosperity, pets, anything that brings fulfillment into your life.  This can also include states of mind like peace, excitement, contentment, curiosity.  Add anything you wish to this side of your map.  Label this section: My current treasures.

On one side of a piece of paper create a picture or describe in writing, the treasures that you feel you really need that you don’t have.  These could be goals in material, financial, spiritual, health or other areas.  Add anything you wish to this side of your map.  Label this section: Future Treasures.

You might like to add north, south, east and west directions to your map, and get a feeling for the direction of your destiny.

This map doesn’t need to be fancy, but it can be.  This is a bit different than a vision board, but you can cut out pictures to place on your map too.  The goal with this map is help you examine and re-examine your ability to create and discover treasure in the destiny of your life.

As you look at your treasure map, how far is your destiny away from the treasures your heart desires at this point in your life? Look at the treasures you have in your life because of the destiny you have lived.  Ask yourself what treasures you still desire.

My belief is that if you are still alive, you still have treasures to discover or create.  It may be that your treasure is to help other people find or create treasure in their life.

The goal of all the ideas and exercises that I will be sharing in the next several weeks is to help you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

All you have to do is look around in this world, and you will see that plenty of people are suffering, and there is a gap between a world full of treasure for all and the world as it is today. If you have no treasures that you desire personally for yourself, and some people don’t, ask this question for others.  You may be quite content and awakened in your life, but if you are, then it’s time to share your wisdom with others.

Even though, this is an easy exercise to do, it might help to experience a guided version of this.  Sometimes, we need the company of other people to give ourselves permission to do this type of exercise.

If you would like to experience a guided version of this exercise, I will be offering that in the free virtual retreat on September 23, at 1pm CST.  I will be guiding you through a visualization and meditation of how to protect your energy in a sometimes cruel world before creating the treasure map, and providing a treasure map worksheet as well. You can sign up for that retreat here.

If you happen to be in the Chicago area on September 20, I will be offering this exercise along with the development of a resource map in a longer, 3 hour live retreat. You can sign up for the live retreat here.

Hope you enjoyed this exercise, and consider looking at the treasures that your destiny has already created, and the ways in which your heart and soul is wanting to expand your life.

The next post in this series helps you take this map, and take the next steps in the evolution of your destiny’s adventure.

Do you ever use writing practices to create change in your life?

Writing Your Destiny picSometimes, at this time of year, we may look back at the year, and wonder what we’ve accomplished.

There may be projects that you intended to start, or changes you wanted to make, that just didn’t go anywhere.

It’s about this time of year when I start to review how my writing practices have been supporting or not supporting changes I have wanted to make during the year.  I find that writing is one of the strongest tools that we can use for creating big change in our lives.

As we move towards the latter part of this year, I’d like to offer some ideas from my book Writing Your Destiny, to help us  finish out this year and style, and begin to think about what we would like to see happen in 2016.

In the next couple months, look for posts on:

  1. Slowing Down to Accomplish More
  2. Defining Your Destiny
  3. The Rhythm of Your Destiny
  4. How we reinforcing or repel our Destiny
  5. Finding Destiny Partners
  6. Daily Writing Practices
  7. Creating Your Destiny Scene
  8. Creating a 10 Year Plan, and why that’s even a good idea
  9. Leading Your Life
  10. Sharing Your Destiny

As I share practices that I’ve seen work time and time to help you use the power of writing to make big leaps in your life, see if any of these ideas resonate with you.

I strongly encourage you to take some time to ask how you have spent your time this year.  What mattered to you in 2015? What would you still like to do before the end of the year?

Some of you may want to go deeper into this material, after the next few months, and join my 4 week Writing Your Destiny course in November.  Hopefully, you will enjoy this series of posts, and find some tools for ending 2015 with a flourish.

This week, I would like to suggest you contemplate the following question:

If you had a treasure map of your ideal destiny in life, how far are you from reaching your treasure?

On Wednesday, I’m going to offer up a simple exercise that plays with this idea of creating a destiny treasure map.

For now, just consider seeing your destiny as a treasure, and how you actually have the map within you.