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Slaying the Inner Critic

Karen Wan:

Some great ideas on how to quell our inner critic, which is important to anyone who wants to keep evolving their writing.

Originally posted on Leila Gaskin - author:

Here’s a question for you all. How do you deal with moments of crippling doubt about your writing?

I am blessed to be surrounded with people who are amazing writers. Their writing is filled with beautiful words and precise wit (I’d name names, but then I’d leave someone out and, well, …). I admire them all immensely and can call many of them friends.

Then I get to my own projects and find myself comparing their work to mine. Which is silly – I know that. BUT, that evil inner censor in my brainpan, in my mother’s voice (sorry Mom), demands to know why I think I can possibly have anything to contribute.


I know, it’s amazing how the inner critic can hit every insecurity I have and make me want to curl up in a quivering ball of neurosis.


I’m putting a bounty out on my inner critic.


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Wednesday Author Profile: Ray Bradbury

Originally posted on Our Enchanting Adventure:

I have to confess that I’ve just begun reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  I wanted to have finished this by today, but life distracted me from that quest.

I’ve enjoyed reading  many Bradbury short stories in my life, but probably haven’t read enough of his books. The one book that I do love is  Zen and the Art of Writing, which is one of my favorite books on writing, and I really need to re-read it again.

Today, I want to actually quote from the Introduction to the version of Fahrenheit 451 that I am still reading.   The Introduction is written by Neil Gaiman and is inspiring in and of itself.  Here’s an excerpt from it, that also sums up the wondrous qualities of Ray Bradbury’s writing:

Ideas — written ideas — are special. They are the way we transmit our stories and our thoughts from one generation…

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