Seth Godin’s blog on Civilization

Godin 5th Avenue

Godin 5th Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would reblog the Seth Godin blog today, if I could.  So let me link to it instead. This is one of the best blog posts that I’ve  read from him.

Seth Godin’s blog on Civilization

This is an easy post to read, and gives one of the clearest explanations of why we need more civilization, and not less in our lives.

As someone who loves nature and the earth, there are many ways in which I would like to see us have a greater respect for the wild and natural.

However, when it comes down to evolution of the planet, I still believe we need civilization, just a more enlightened one.


14 thoughts on “Seth Godin’s blog on Civilization

  1. jameskeeneyhill says:

    That is uplifting. There’s a lot of blame going around these days about the evils of civiliztion slowly destroying the planet, without enough positive energy given towards what it has given us and how we can bring a civilized existence into planetary harmony. Thanks for visiting my blog, too. :)

    • Karen Wan says:

      Agreed. I too am concerned that focusing on the story that an “inevitable” destruction of the planet is unavoidable because of civilization gives us fewer options to bring cohesion to visions for the future and community. I like that Seth Godin emphasized that it’s possible to applaud parts of civilized living and still be deeply concerned about transforming other aspects of it.

    • Karen Wan says:

      Thank you so much. You add a good point. A civilization that benefits only some of its members is not good enough. That seems to me to be a very important part of humanity’s evolution forward.

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