The Passing of Seasons

Posted on September 22, 2012


One of many birdhouses at our new home

Today is the autumnal or spring equinox depending upon where you live.  Up here in the Chicago area, the leaves are changing color and the days are getting cooler.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but we’ve moved into a house that is surrounded by birds, probably because a bird lover lived here before.  The landscaping is clearly designed to attract birds.  We counted five bird houses in the back yard and a triple tiered home on the side yard.  The birds that come to visit are lovely.

Unfortunately, birds like humans are mortal creatures. This afternoon, my youngest son discovered a little dead bird on our back porch.  It looked like a yellow finch to me.  I’m not sure what caused its demise, but we were all sad to see this little creature had stopped living.  We buried the bird in the side yard away from where our dogs might dig it up.  I was touched that my son insisted that the bird be placed on a piece of  white cotton to make its final rest a bit more comfortable.  I was tempted to show a picture of this beautiful little bird, but it seemed a bit too much.

Life moves so quickly, the seasons pass by us.  There is no guarantee that any of us will live another day.

This weekend, our family is celebrating the wonder of being alive, and getting ready for the next season.  What about you?

Today’s contemplation:

Are you enjoying the change of seasons?

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