Unpacking Your Own Advice

Posted on September 21, 2012


Writing journal

Writing journal (Photo credit: avrdreamer)

Now that our move to a new home is complete,  I’m able again to find the time for personal and work projects in a more focused way.  I’ve set some goals in the next few weeks and months including journaling, blogging and editing a writing project.

Last night as I was looking for a journal for writing,  I looked at a spare copy of my book Writing Your Destiny and in the spirit of this week’s post, thought it’s time to unpack my own advice.

One of the reasons that I wrote “journal” books has been because we have so much advice coming at us, and what most of us need to do is to find our own answers, philosophy, lifestyle and wisdom.

So, rather than offer you any new advice this weekend,  I just want to remind you to honor yourself and maybe act upon some advice you’ve either written or spoken in the past, but haven’t quite gotten around to actually unpacking as an action in your life.

Sometimes we need to pay attention to our personal voice more than the collective voices around us.

Today’s Contemplation:

Is is time to rediscover your own gifts of insight and wisdom and follow your own advice?

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