Unpacking Wisdom in Our Golden Age

Seven Pillars of Wisdom rock formation in Wadi...

Seven Pillars of Wisdom rock formation in Wadi Rum, Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Near the beginning of this year, I wrote a post about a new energy that I feel is available to all of us on this planet.  I’m not sure, if energy is the best word.  Perhaps, it’s better to say that I believe there is a collective force that will not last forever, but is present to help us through a great turning on this planet for the next 20 or 30 years.

This idea of a new collective force comes to me both from my spiritual practices and a very practical assessment of the world we now live in.

We can certainly see different types of collective forces at work on social issues.  Personally, I’m interested in what Van Jones and team are creating with their Rebuild the Dream.  The project is partnering with Prince to offer a series of concerts on September 24, 25 and 26th in Chicago.  Add this to the teacher’s strike here, Chicago is seemingly one major epicenter of collective change!

Later this week, I will be attending a Women in Green meeting in Chicago for the first time in a few years.  I haven’t lost my passion for the earth, but a few years ago, I became  tired of trying to lead collective work.  So, there is a part of me that is wary of simplistic ideas around collective work, because it’s impossible to create perfect transformations.   Yet, we must not give up on creating a more peaceful, just and kind world.

Since I first wrote about a new collective force for our times, I’ve live through many days and sometimes weeks that made me question the idea that humanity could come together and live wisely en masse.  There is enough collective violence,  misunderstanding, destructive politics and mass ennui to make anyone with any mind at all question the idea that we are in a golden age of human history.

One thing that I know is that long-lasting change does not happen in a moment.

As I’ve moved the collected possessions of my lifetime and my kids from one residence to another,  I’ve thought about how well the process of moving a home describes what we need to do to make this a golden age around the world.

So, this week I’d like to discuss something a bit different — the power and energy that is released when we pack, move and unpack our wisdom.  Rarely do we discuss how to unpack wisdom.

I’d never thought about unpacking wisdom until I worked with Dr. Barbara DeAngelis a few years ago. She shared the idea that wisdom does not mean much unless we unpack it.  In other words, we can say wise things or quote saints, but unless we live wisely, thinking we are wise doesn’t mean much.

We can see that much wisdom is floating about in the world at this time.  Yet, how much of this wisdom is being unpacked and lived into being?  And what does it mean to be wise collectively?

We live in a time when there is a tremendous opportunity to make the world a wiser, more peaceful place.  Part of our individual choice is how much will we unpack our own wisdom and uplift each other.

Daily Contemplation:

What wisdom have you been unpacking lately?

2 thoughts on “Unpacking Wisdom in Our Golden Age

  1. sarafoley says:

    So true Karen. Being wise and just talking about it are two completely different things, as we all know :) The wisdom I am learning about and putting into practice is judgement versus discernment – and I am sure I will be kept busy with that one for a while :)

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