When Frustration Keeps Coming

Posted on August 28, 2012



scaffolding (Photo credit: Webgol)

We must remind ourselves as often as possible that our true life is not this external, material life that passes before our eyes her on Earth, but that it is the inner life of our spirit for which the visible life serves only as a scaffolding — a necessary aid to our spiritual growth . . .  We must remind ourselves and one another that the scaffolding has no meaning or importance, expect to make possible the erection of the building itself.

Leo Tolstoy

We were supposed to go to a “closing” for the mortgage today to what we hope will be our new home.  The sellers cancelled the meeting about an hour before the meeting this morning and pushed the closing out to Friday.

Waiting to purchase and move into a new home is not a life or death issue, at least in our case. It’s just frustrating.

Our progress through the purchase of a new home has been a series of hoops to jump through or a type of scaffolding as Tolstoy would say.

My mother and I have felt that it has been a test of our character that feels like its own kind of spiritual journey.

Daily Contemplation:

Are there any events in your life that would be best treated as the scaffolding of your life, not to be taken too seriously except in support of your inner life or spiritual growth?

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