Karen Wan:

Loved reading this post today from fellow blogger Michael Cerkas . . . This is a wonderful article about how we choose to focus on the priorities of our lives. Hope you’ll take the time to read it!

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We’ve all heard it time and time again; “the time is right”, “time waits for no-one”, “there is always next time“, “no time like the present”, “have the time of your life”.  Yet as much time as we all have, in the end, we’ve all had precious little time to really live.  Doesn’t it go without saying, then, that we focus on making the most of the time each of us has; now?

As a writer, I am constantly inspired by the words of others and use those words to stimulate my own creativity, thoughts and ideas.  I’d like to share a story with you today that stirs emotions, conjures thoughts of the future, perhaps even the past, while anchoring us in the present.  It is an especially poignant story, considering the recent passing of Stephen Covey, the world-renowned author and motivational speaker.  Among his…

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    • Karen Wan says:

      I loved this little story, because it’s so true.
      If we don’t give the big rocks priority, the world can distract us so easily from what really is important to us otherwise.
      Right now, this story of the big rocks helps me to feel good about a choice that I’ve been making to fit my work schedule around my kids.
      Putting big rocks first can be challenging at times, and that’s why it’s so good to have blog posts like this to remind us to follow our own priorities.

  1. Nancy says:

    This is so very true. I learned this lesson many years ago. It was great to read it again. I forwarded it to our 15-year old daughter. Good words to live by for sure!

    • Karen Wan says:

      Nancy, thanks for your comment! I had heard this story a while back too, but had forgotten about it. You’ve inspired me to forward this story to my oldest son! He’s going to be 14 in November and might enjoy this story about how he manages his choices in life. :)

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