Multi-Tasking as Spiritual Practice?

Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes (Photo credit: Justin Shearer)

Not one single moment of life can be regained for millions of gold coins.  Therefore, what greater loss is there than time spent fruitlessly?

Chanakya Pandita
(320-275 bc) India

Are you the kind of person who multi-tasks?

I have always been a multi-tasker.  I think it’s because I don’t want to miss out on trying anything in this one short life that we have.

In the last few years, many people across the world have become disenchanted with multitasking.  Maybe because we’ve been required to do much of it in our lives.

The world of work and zen philosophy have convinced me that focusing on one thing at a time has merit, yet I am not convinced that multi-tasking is without value.  I believe we can and should multi-task (with focus), at least sometimes.

As I work on moving from one house to another in the next few weeks, I am contemplating how to keep my attention focused on creating a sacred space in our new home while attending to the many tasks required to move a home.

I’m finding that even within chaos of a big move, we can create sacred space by our attitude.  The focus on sacred space helps to make the little sometimes annoying tasks of moving seem like time well spent rather than fruitless effort.

Maybe there is sacred space within multi-tasking that has to do with savoring all there is to love about being alive.

What do you think?

Daily Contemplation:

Can there be a spiritual value in multi-tasking that helps you to savor life more fully?

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5 thoughts on “Multi-Tasking as Spiritual Practice?

  1. thehealthywarrior says:

    I’m not sure about the spiritual value, but I feel certain that there is a practical value. I say this because when I multitask, I DON’T get many of the things accomplished that I need to.

  2. heavenhappens says:

    Mm, I too am not sure about the spiritual value of multi tasking but it is usually essential ~ Today I have sanded down an old rocking chair for my daughter to paint as she is expec ting her first baby in December, cooked Sunday lunch for the family, did 2 lots of washing, fixed a dog guard into the car boot, cleaned and brushed the dog, one sudoku, one codeword, one crossword, cleaned the dog mess from the garden, made teas and coffees for everyone, did the ironing ~ and it is only 5pm. I now have to make tea! However the secret is to find the still point in all of this activity so that the sacred s[pace is within you ~ Pax x
    Maybe when you have time ~ (Read Finding Sanctuary by Abbot Christopher Jamison)

    • Karen Wan says:

      It’s almost impossible to get through our modern lives without multi-tasking, you’re right we need to find a way to find the still point in all this activity. Thanks for the suggestion about Finding Sanctuary – I’ll look it up! Hope your tea was a relaxing and enjoyable one!

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